SSX Returns With Flare, 4 Part Video on the Making of SSX

The Game Fanatics got the chance to sit down with creative director behind SSX, Tod Batty, and share with us some of what we can expect in EA Sport's upcoming game, SSX.

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Gen0ne2636d ago

My computer sucks these days so I didn't watch the videos. But all I can ask for is two things: 1- Custom soundtracks for the PS3 version ( even though I'm buying the 360 one, I just think it's an awesome feature the PS3 only owners continually get the shaft on )
2 -fireworks when I go off jumps ( please bring those back! )

HaHa_Ostrich2636d ago

Awesome, nice to see people who worked on previous games to be on the team.

Orionsangel2636d ago

Anyone else think this game is looking too clean? The colorful moody atmosphere of SSX Tricky and SSX3 seems to be gone. Where's the neon and night time stages? The long crazy rails to grind on. The fireworks going off for godsake! Where's a stage like the Tokyo Megaplex for example?

Their focus seems to be you and the dangerous mountain. I see characters and dangerous white powered mountains. That's about it. Where's the colorful pizzazz and crazy style of the SSX we know and love? This new SSX is looking boring so far. I hope I'm wrong though.

LoLZoRz2636d ago

yeah, i miss that too but they'll give us 100% sandbox mountain where you can jump and grind everywhere you see and the gameplay is whats most important, it seems like they're on the right way in that department.

Orionsangel2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Boo to an open world in SSX! It’s what I disliked the most about SSX3. The stages got lost in the open world mountain. There was no individuality in the stages. They all got mixed together and looked alike. I like individual stages that I have to unlock. That have their own style and personality. I guess I’m old skool. I swear the footage so far is reminding me of Shaun White Snowboarding, ugh!

Remember the Pipe Dream stage with all the crazy rails. The ramps that go up and down. The arrows on the course that speed you up. Remember in Mercury City Meltdown how you suddenly went through a forest and found yourself at a golden gate like bridge. It was crazy and exciting! That seems to be gone in this new SSX. Now it's all about being one with the mountain and all this zen crap.

I hope this game gets panned by critics for the same reasons I mentioned. So sadly the developers can learn a lesson. We don't care about the mountain as much as we care about snowboarding over crazy obstacles. Give us craziness! At this point I want a sequel to SSX Tricky or an HD remix or even better an all out remake!

mastiffchild2636d ago

Just play it then-we still do nearly every time we get the PS2 back out. Great stuff and this, sadly, looks like being Skate on snow. Shit.

DragonKnight2636d ago

I have to buy another copy, my sister borrowed my copy for her PS2 and sold both. Ugh. But I agree with you.