The Uncharted 3 Beta is One Hell of a Ride

Dualshock Nexus: I am a huge Uncharted 2 multiplayer fanatic so I decided to provide some insight as well as a few of my impressions on the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta.

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lociefer2571d ago

ya i was in a chateau match and it was a heck of a chaotic fun, both teams were owning then for the first time i saw the sudden death thing, it was trully wonderfull

Treezy5042571d ago

Yeah I like the overtime concept as well. There have been many moments on Uncharted 2 where our team either won or lost by one point and it's almost like your asking yourself what if I got that person in front of me before they did and vice versa. It's cool that they basically allow you to capitalize on that now and change the momentum of the game.

Pixel_Pusher2571d ago

rapid fire is a must for the AK47. I love it better than UC2 version.


My download is @ 92%...Cant wait...Im so hyped :D

Miiikeyyy2571d ago

You won't be dissapointed :D

Pixel_Pusher2571d ago

It's going to feel a bit different from UC2 so prepare yourself but(!!) keep playing it and you'll find that sweet spot.

My advice is to start off with co-op first and get a feel for the aiming and weapons and also get some practice you still rank up normally and all the cash you earn can be spent on anything not just in co-op mode. Have fun!

dkgshiz2571d ago

The co-op arena is really addicting. Also the easiest way to rank up. Got 102 kills,1 death one game and ranked up twice.

Miiikeyyy2571d ago

Found it to be my favourite match type!

flightdown2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Its good but there are aspects of UC2 i find myself missing.

metsgaming2571d ago

i miss the ultra fluid controls, if they put that back i would be happy with it. Its just to sluggish and slow atm.

Treezy5042571d ago

All I want for them to do is to bring back how the AK felt in U2. Everything else gameplay wise is perfect :)

BX812571d ago

Yeah Co-op arena is pretty sweet but I can't stand that jumping from truck to truck behind a plane crap. I'm sure others welcome the change. It's just not for me.

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