My time with Journey — hands-on impressions -- Extra

Extra Guy writes: It’s got to be hard to follow up on a game as wonderful as Flower, but if my time with the Journey beta is any indication, thatgamecompany was ready for the challenge. The game is living up, so far at least, to some pretty big expectations (it was, in fact, my third most anticipated game of 2011).

The main hook in Journey appears to be “mystery”. The beta plops you down in the middle of the desert with no introduction to the character you play or the world it inhabits. Climbing atop a sand dune, you’re greeted with a view of what seems to be the game’s ultimate goal: a massive mountain set far in the distance with a bright light shining from the top. It’s the only visible structure, becoming your target by default.

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Redempteur2519d ago

i'm glad i didn't receive anything from teh beta .. that way i'll eat this game ad experience the journey ..

can't wait ..