Left 4 Dead 2 Blog Announces "Special Update"

Could this be the official release of "Cold Stream" or something else? How exciting!?

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Camb316912603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

I wish they would have more content for the 360 version. I love this game and i feel like no one plays it anymore.
I feel like when i check the L4D2 blog Wednesday, i'm gonna have to vote for something.
Valve, you guys are awesome.

subtenko2603d ago

Are they feeling pressure from DeadIsland and the COD zombies stuff? Oh and Resident Evil: Racoon City? More zombie competition.

This will eventually push a dev to make a zombie game right..and DeadIsland is the biggest part of the puzzle for sure

MrSpace2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

I just wish they never made L4D2 and focused on L4D like how they have dedicated themselfs to TF2. The boycott group was right to be honest, it spilt the community when L4D with it's great characters could of been a well developed game. I really hope that when they finaly do a L4D3 they make it so that "cross over" map/comic was non cannon and was just a "What if the survivors wetn south instead of North". You don't kill Bill off when they could of made a new map set after the parish and killed Rochelle off least then they can continue the original survivors story instead of those hill billys in L4D2. It's like Valve really wanted to kill L4D off since they wern't really the people behind it (Turtle Rock Studios were) and they wanted their own game.

fooxy2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

2 bad all of those goodies will never make way to 360 for free, since Microsoft sucks donkey dick and will not allowed Valve to release content without charging top buck