Microsoft’s Games for Windows is dead: To to be merged with instead

Microsoft’s Games for Windows appears to be dead, with the site now announcing that it will be now accessible on instead. The announcement on the site says

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Agent-862605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

GFWL has effectively been dead for some time now. Don't see how a name change is going to help and it will be kind of odd getting PC games at a site called

Ranshak2605d ago

Lol true, thats like shooting yourself in the foot. Why call a website which supposedly is trying to sell PC games hahaha. Microsoft are doing everything they can to ensure GFWL is a failure.

captain-obvious2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

last time i updated my windows 7
GFWL was downloaded and installed automatically

its like they are trying to shove it down our throats

gamingdroid2605d ago

I actually bought some games on GFWL, but they were like $1 games. I think I splurge on Bioshock for $2 or something like that.

I hope the new service will be much more integrated to Xbox Live.

evrfighter2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

i bought age of empires 3 for $2 and arkham asylum for 5ish i think.

they probably have the same library of games since then lol havn't checked em out in awhile.

remember when they tried to charge pc gamers to use it lol

BubbleSniper2605d ago

Love Live Steam! *rubs his buddha statue with the likeness of Gabe Newell*

ATiElite2605d ago

GFWL is crap and only a small few use it.

M$ is seriously thinking about Xbox on the PC and this is a transition move for that to happen.

Steam, EA Origins, GOG, and others are dominating PC DD sales. IF M$ is gonna compete then they have to offer content....and Xbox on PC is a ton of content.

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Brash_Attack2605d ago

Smart move. I dont use the GFW marketplace, but this could be convenient for those who do.

Chinner2605d ago

It looks like they're trying to turn Xbox Live into their version of itunes - a single platform across all their platforms.

Megaton2605d ago

Didn't they just try to relaunch it? To think, they actually tried charging the XBL Gold fee at one point. Really illustrates the difference in standards between PC gamers and 360 gamers well.

Saryk2605d ago

GFW is to gaming as nut bashing is to love making.

For some reason the people at Microsoft thought: How can we piss of our customers so bad they will never use this service. I know! We will make gamers who use other digital distribution sites use our service also and make their experience so bad they will stick with Steam and D2D.

Hicken2605d ago

Update: is only available for XBLGold members.


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