August Game Informer cover: You won't see this one coming

Numerous teases from Game Informer staff regarding next issue of Game Informer.

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Dart892484d ago

Hmm interesting i'm sure will find probably find out towards the end of this month before it's even released.

Paradicia2484d ago

"You won't see this one coming, folks."

Hmm.. New splinter cell? Rainbow six? Both were coined to be shown at E3.

GTA5 is also a realistic cover story.

Nate-Dog2484d ago

Was thinking the same, either a stealth game, or a game that no-one expects a reveal on, but I'd be more inclined from the last comment to think it was stealh related. Could perhaps be MGS:Rising since nothing of it was shown at E3 but who knows.

curtis_boy2484d ago

claiming their new Barbie game will end kz fanboys rants about "teh" graphics

TheDivine2484d ago

Valkyrie profile 3! Id be so happy but they wouldnt give it a cover spot.

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tdogg060519912484d ago

Rainbow Six or the next Metal Gear because it is supposed to be shown off.

SoulMisaki2484d ago

"Cover line we did not use for the new issue: This game is from dudes who worked on f'ing XXXX and XXXX. Read this."


"Cover line we did not use for the new issue: This game is from dudes who worked on f'ing ICO and Shadow of the Collosus. Read this."

SweatyFlorida2484d ago

That's what I'm thinking :)

Blacktric2483d ago

Or GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption.

TruthSeeker2483d ago

MAybe one of these?

Splinter Cell 6
Next Rainbow 6
Last Guardian
Bungie's New Ip
Respawn's new IP
Half Life 3
Syphon Filter
Battlefront 3

A guy can hope for one of these. I want most of those!

DrRichtofen2483d ago

yeah I think it'll either be bungie's or respawns new game. Besides isn't bungie suppose to announce something on 7/7? And then there was the recent teaser pics from Respawn. Yeah I think its gonna one of those two.

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MrBeatdown2484d ago

I want to say GTA5, but a couple of those clues point to a dev with no prior notable games.

spektical2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

i think its safe to say a lot of people are expecting official GTA5 details to emerge, so unless this person has a different sense of surprise, i dont think thats gonna be it.. unfortunately.

MrBeatdown2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I was thinking the "won't see this coming" thing could apply to the content of the game, not just the title. So, for example, a GTA game with a setting or features one wouldn't expect.

But, I admit, that's probably stretching it a bit.

Ness-Psi2484d ago

Settlers 9: the search for the new game engine.

ddkshah2484d ago

Respawn's new game? ex xxxx and xxxx makers... makes most sense no?

SweatyFlorida2484d ago

Not really, didn't say "ex" and Respawn's a new company. Not to mention IW is only known for COD. Its probably Last Guardian (shadow of colossus/ICO)

ddkshah2484d ago

they never said ex xxxx xxxx studio but dudes who worked on xxxx xxxx instead. MW1 and MW2 are 2 games. Plus some of the respawn devs are also from people who worked on god of war ;)

SweatyFlorida2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

hmmm but they also said "absent from E3" and Respawn was never supposed to be at E3 in the first place 'o' While LG was expected to be at E3 but was a no show.

But I guess we'll have to wait to find out, ether way I would love to see/hear more of Respawn's new game and Last Guardian so its a win win situation for me ether way :)

Khustla2484d ago

I bet it's metal gear rising or could be the last guardian

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