Minecraft to change Xbox LIVE as we know it "Just recently, I was watching an E3 2011 interview on with Phil Spence of Microsoft Game Studios. Near the end of the interview (around 7:28 in), Phil started to talk about the upcoming Minecraft title for the Xbox LIVE Arcade and how it may change Xbox LIVE as we know it."

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ATiElite2576d ago

Minecraft on XBL...eww yuck that just sounds all wrong but Minecraft is an excellent game that should enjoyed by all.

I don't see this as some ground breaking experience as XBL still says no to cross plat play and wants control over their servers. User created Mods and Skins are no big deal.

killershadow1172576d ago

Actually user created mods and skins are a big deal on the Xbox. It is breaking ground for what could potentially change the way you play a lot of your games. If you would be able to access mods for games like Portal, Halo, and Oblivion (or Skyrim) then the life of those games grows exponentially depending on how big and dedicated the community is for those games.

slate912576d ago

I just wished they realized this when Team Fortress 2 came out in the Orange Box. =/ The live community didn't stand a chance at existing because of no access to anything on PC.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2576d ago

I doubt mod support would ever come to consoles.
Well the only game i know of with mod support is Unreal Tournament 3 and that feature is only for the Ps3.

ElementX2576d ago

"eww yuck that just sounds all wrong but Minecraft is an excellent game that should enjoyed by all."

Everyone can enjoy Minecraft, on PC! For those who want to play it on 360, this is an additional option. Minecraft runs on my old PC just fine, I built it 5 years ago. I don't see why you have to be so elitist. PS3 and Wii owners can play on PC just like the rest of us.

Cereal2576d ago

But how long will it change it before it goes back to the usual routine?

I mean with games like FF11 & PSU you would think that it would've changed XBL to make it more open to MMOs but now you see tons of MMOs that get canceled for the 360 and they end up coming to the PS3.

killershadow1172576d ago

No games have been planned for a release for the Xbox 360 but then have got cancelled and still get released on the PS3. In fact the only MMO's on the PS3 are FF11, PSU (which both failed), DC Universe online, and Free Relms (and those are both sony made games).


And incoming DUST 514, the revolutionary MMO.

killershadow1172576d ago

You are true sir, but it is not out yet. I was just listing ones that are out. Agency is also suppose to come out on the PS3 as well, I can't remember if Sony said it was no longer dead or not but I think I remember a rumor that it wasn't.

AngelicIceDiamond2574d ago

@Cereal MMOs dont get cancelled and go to PS3? They get cancelled on the consoles entirely for the most part, unless they make a deal with the publishers like Sony did with the Dust 514.

Though Microsoft is experimenting with opening up its platform considering its a community and hardcore service they don't want to split the community apart supposedly.

With that being said Microsoft will have MineCraft and Tribes 2 coming out later this year, true Tribes 2 is not an MMO only a massively multiplayer shooter and a PC legend before halo so that big news.

And MS are also in talks with having the popular Korean MMO Dungeon Fighter on the 360.

So MS is doing something.

radphil2576d ago

FF11 didn't fail. It's going strong still on PC, and there's the rare occasion of people playing it on PS2 still.

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