Loophole in Steam Summer Contest Allows Purchase-Free Entries

Currently, Valve is running a contest in conjunction with their Summer Steam sale. Users can buy, play, and unlock achievements in games to get chances to win free games. However, a loophole in the contest EULA makes it clear that purchase is not necessary to be entered into the drawing.

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NamelessTed2601d ago

This isn't a loophole. This is just like any give away contest that you will find at a fast food place or something similar. They have to have an option of "no purchase necessary" for legal reasons so that it isn't considered a lottery or gambling.

radphil2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Yea I was about to say the same thing. It's explicitly stated right there on the first few sections that no purchase is necessary in order to gain an entry into the drawing.

In fact I'm going to send a card in, because you got those special Mann Co. postcards back when you did last time. :p

SuperSaiyan42601d ago

I am not that bothered about free entries etc however I have to admit the prices are very nice given what is on offer. At present just bought KOTOR 1 for less than £2 :-D downloading it now.