Why the Cold Shoulder, Nintendo? (

In's latest editorial, Nintendo's latest business decision is discussed, regarding three popular overseas RPG's that aren't being released here. Is Nintendo's decision justified, or is it a little too cold for fans' sake?

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pepsilover_20072573d ago

no its not if they gave us a good reason then it could be excuse, but for me they still have some explainations

Godmars2902573d ago

"Americans don't like JRPGs. They only want FPS."

As an American JRPG fan I say to you Nintendo: That's three reasons you've taken from me for buying a Wii. I had none before, so we're in the negative.

Smart. Real smart...

TheDivine2573d ago

Thing is there may not be alot of wii jrpg fans but theres alot of jrpg fans that would buy a wii for a few awesome jrpgs.

Jacks_Medulla2573d ago

The fans would have have purchased them, but no one else would have. Nintendo doesn't want to spend the money it takes to bring the games here, because, likely, they wouldn't get enough money back from doing so.

This is why one should always own multiple consoles.

Godmars2902573d ago

None of these titles are going to the PS3 or 360. With them coming to the EU if you want them in the US that's either modded system or an imported console to play the imported games.

And like I said, that's Nintendo missing out on a sold Wii which also means - despite what I said - other Wii titles I'd buy along with those three others and the console.

And am sure I wouldn't have been the only "core" gamer who would have jumped on the bandwagon.

Jacks_Medulla2573d ago

My point is, if a person only had a Wii, then they would be sorely lacking in games to play this year. If I'm not mistaken, Skyward Sword is the only major release the Wii has. However, if a person owns multiple consoles(like myself) then they would be able play Skyward Sword, as well as other AAA titles.

As for Nintendo not selling more Wiis, they don't care. Nintendo is now focused on the 3ds and the Wii-U.

Grannyvukka2573d ago

Screw nintendo, buy a PS Vita & PS3 instead....then get a PS4 instead of a Wii-U. Everyone who is honest with themselves & not full of crap knows that Sony have been the best console makers to get exclusive inhouse ip's on. Nintendo were the kings in this field, before they spat in Sony's face & stabbed them in the back, then spat in there face again. So Sony decided not to waste the $$$, time, technology & effort they put into the cd add on for the snes that Nintendo requested them to make, & they released the awesome Playstation & started establishing some of the greatest developers in the biz,....& still to this day they have a vast array of these best of the best developers making games for there latest consoles exclusively.
Nintendo have been dead since after the SNES, blind fanboys have just been to silly & stuborn to realize and/or come to grips with a company that have barely been treading water since there all time high & hey day. They are the most greedy, least fan friendly company of all three, as all they do is charge high prices for aged hardware with gimmicky controllers, then also charge high prices for there myriad of Mario themed titles that look aged, due to the aged hardware running them.

I owned both Mario Galaxy & Ratchet:TOD, & after playing both & seeing the over inflated reviews for Mario, & pathetic reviews from pathetic sites like GS that scored the awesome TOD 7.5, while giving Mario Galaxy a 9.5, I began to ignore most all reviews of games, as I found Ratchet to be such an infinately better looking, playing & all around game than Mario that it disgusted me to see such anti Sony reviews such as the Ratchet one, Warhawk one & many more (especially early on, when it was seen as the latest "cool" trend within the media to bash anything Sony).

Do yourselves a favor & buy Sony's machines, as as a former Nintendo fan from nes & snes days, I never looked back after buying Sony game products & have never really been dissapointed, unlike with Nintendo's 64 apart from 1 or 2 games, which to me, makes the machine non worthwhile compared to it's competition at the time.

AWBrawler2571d ago

U mad!

Calm down. Sheesh it's just games an we all have preferences. I don't like Sony ips except for metal gear, sly Cooper, and rathcet, but technically metal gear isn't even their ip, it's been everywhere.
Win lose or draw you should enjoy your fave console. Last gen when the cube was in last I didn't rant, because that didnt stop me from enjoying tales of symphonia, viewtiful Joe, gun, luigi's mansion, melee, pikmin, beyond good and evil, resident evil 4, killer 7 and all the other fun games I played

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