6.3 Steel Diver - 3DS Review

"Steel Diver has had an interesting history as a game. It was originally shown off at E3 2004 as a tech demo for the original Nintendo DS. While it was hard as nails, and only had one (slightly unpolished) level, it gathered a huge interest among attendees. Then, back in 2008 at the start of Nintendo DSiWare, Shigeru Miyamoto set up a team to develop Steel Diver, a fleshed out version of the "Submarine Demo", as a DSiWare download. However, once the game was completed, Miyamoto “upended the tea table” as it were, and introduced them to the Nintendo 3DS, suggesting that they put the game on that platform instead. Then, the game finally saw the light of day as Nintendo's new IP Launch Title in North America. So does this game sink or swim?" --

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