Reasons Why Duke Nukem Forever is Awful

Player Affinity writes: "Well, aside from the obvious 14 year development time, which meant that they probably had to essentially start from scratch about three times, there are some core elements of Duke Nukem Forever that aren’t merely out-dated; they’re just plain bad. The arrival of Duke Nukem Forever has sparked a lot of debate, people are defending it and others are ripping it apart, but all I want to do is highlight the main things that made it a failure as a first person shooter in 2011. As I mentioned in my review, this genre has certain standards, and Duke Nukem Forever fails to even skim the bar of requirement on a lot of levels.."

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Warprincess1162637d ago

You know, i change my mind about this game. I still think this game is really degrading to women but i had fun playing the demo. Just turn the aiming sensitivity down to 2 and it really fun. I might actually rent this.

killerhog2637d ago

lets leave the whole "degradation of women" to actual 'women' (not male pretending to be female) and their respectful organizations warprincess. also you have the mentality of a mentally-handicapped 6-year-old and the behavior pattern of a juvenile troll so anything with a fart or fall entertains you

CrawFail2637d ago

The whole 'shocked about the content' crap is stupid. I bet you all watch south park, porn etc. It's an invalid argument.
Fact it is this game doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't. It's not trying to be a Halo or Killzone killer, tater than poke fun at the fact that video games aren't as deathly serious as they're often made out to be.

It's got it's faults, yes, but if you hype the hell out of something for 15 years it's bound to provoke disappointment regardless what it is.