Amazon 4th of July Sale Revealed

Amazon has revealed today the full list of deals for their upcoming 4th of July sale to celebrate Independence day in the United States of America.

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Covert_Gunman2515d ago

Haha, gotta love all of these sales we're getting. :)

TheBeast2515d ago

I think the Steam Summer Sale still tops this cake.

Orionsangel2515d ago

Yeah steam is insane with deals right now! It gets crazier everyday!

Dac2u2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Make sure to check Steam before buying from Amazon, and vice versa. I just bought Munch's Oddysee on Amazon, not thinking it was on Steam. Then I checked Steam and found it for $1 cheaper. It's not a big deal, but if you spend a minute searching between the two sites, you can find the best deal.

Raven_Nomad2515d ago

Meh, there all download only.....I only like physical media.....

ViserysTargaryen2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

So you would pay more for a physical copy of Bad Company 2 instead of paying $5 for a digital download? I guess some people just like to pay full price for a box.

Simco8762515d ago

Abe Exodus for .84 cents? lol.

What a great deal

Farsendor12515d ago

i like steam more than retail hope more developers support steam and steamworks and gamers switch from 360 and ps3 to pc.

pc has a lot more advantage then retail

but focusing on article,deals are always good even the bad ones,games for less is always good.

nightmarex1212515d ago

You do know why steamwork price are so low right b/c of competition and its competitive against retail, when retail die, and if only steam work is a live, then they become a monolply and charge anything they want b/c they can and you can't get the game anywhere else just like gas.
With retail you lose promotion, you lose the ability to use coupons, all their bungles are stick, their no you can pick any two and get one free kind of deal, and you can't burrow from friends any more, you can't even resell the game to get some money back. But psn did fixed the burrow you can give away your games at least to 5 people.

Graphics2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

I just started using steam and bought 2 games recently. GTA:SA and GTA IV which I just wanted because of how great mods for those games are. Steam has been terrible so far. You are limited to what you can do with a game from steam while a retail digital copy will have no issues. Steam has made modding a misery. I have to waist a bunch of time searching how to get mods to work around steam and then find out that it won't work with a steam copy!!!!. Whats the point of buying pc games if you can't mod it? I still can't find away to mod the cars in GTA SA purchased by steam and GTA IV won't launch using steam I have to go through folders and use launch.exe. I will go back to never buying digital again.

ViserysTargaryen2514d ago

@ Nightmarex

That is quite a reach. If retailers die, and most the PC retailers are long dead by the way, Steam will still have to fend of competition from other digital download providers. They're not the only fish in the sea and there are more competitors everyday like this Amazon sale for example.

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