Is Kinect Good for Hardcore?

Player Affinity wonders: "This year at E3, the Microsoft Press Conferences chose to make Kinect their main focus. Now, like it or not, the Kinect is extending the life cycle of the Xbox 360. But at what cost? Microsoft has been pushing Kinect with a half a billion dollar campaign. That’s a lot for a motion device, but has the Kinect proven itself to the hardcore yet?"

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LOGICWINS2602d ago

Kinect isn't a hardcore add-on. Any gamer with common sense can gather that from the launch titles that have released so far.

sphinct2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

No. Kinect is decidedly for the casual market. The Wii showed that there is a casual market willing to buy consoles. Kinect is an effort to capture some of that market.

firemassacre2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

kinect is very hardcore.

i mean come on... look at kinect disneyland (thats insane!) or kinectimals (playing with a tiger! (riveting!) forget other games like dead space, mass effect or god of war, kinect is all we need because...

you are the controller.

Bigpappy2602d ago

Yep! M$ saw this as its way of jumping in to the casual market. They have been very succesful so far.

Will is work for most of the Hardcore gamers? To answer that one would require a Pacther crystal ball. I have no idea what developer will come up with for Kinect, and how Hardcore gamers will react to it. What I can say with certainty, is that some Hardcore gamers also play casual games.

Inside_out2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

I think the next wave of games will show Kinect as a great addition tho at the moment their hasn't been any Kinect titles that many call hardcore.

Kinect is a full body gaming device and it's in that area that Kinect will excel. Pretending your holding a gun or other traditional game play techniques haven't worked/translated well with Kinect BUT the next wave of games will of been designed from the ground up to utilize Kinect and what it can do.

At this point, ALL motion controllers are for the casual to intermediate gamers that is more interested in fun then a more competitive gaming atmosphere....M$ E3 press conference showed that clearly. The Disney and Elmo games will sell well in that demographic. The voice recognition and head tracking stuff has some interesting application but Kinect is more of a add on for so called hardcore titles like Ghost Recon and Forza among others.

I will say 3D or the waggle motion devices, Kinect has a place but I still prefer the standard controller that M$ has perfected.

TheOldOne2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

"I think the next wave of games will show Kinect as a great addition"

LOL i stopped reading there.

DigitalRaptor2602d ago

It's not good for any gamer in the long-term.

xtremegamerage2602d ago

Kinect is a total piece of Shit.

If you bought it, your an idiot.

M$ sheep.

peowpeow2602d ago

I can't find a new 360 not bundled with kinect..this has prevented me from purchasing one (gave my old ones away to nephews)

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