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CheatCC says - Dynasty Warriors has always been a "safe" game franchise. If you pick up a DW title, you can be pretty sure you are going to be hacking your way through wave after wave of defenseless soldiers. Every Dynasty Warriors title follows pretty much the same formula. Kill some dudes, capture some territory, kill a boss, and repeat. So the only thing setting these games apart is the window dressing used to frame the entire conflict. So far this year we have done the Dynasty Warriors thing with warriors in ancient Greece, samurai in Japan, and our good old friends from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Now we have my personal favorite—giant robots—in the recent release of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3.

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Deadman_Senji2516d ago

Why not 4/5?

somebody is just splitting hairs or really doesn't want to admit this game is actually good.

denero12516d ago

i agree whats one more point lol