Best and Worst Games of June 2011

Eric of write:

"We take a look at critics' and gamers' reviews to see what were the best and worst games of June 2011. Some of the titles may actually surprise you. Hit the break to check out the entire list."

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ncstatefan9532486d ago

No surprise with inFamous 2

ATiElite2486d ago

I really like Alice Madness Returns that and Two Worlds 2 are my sleeper hits of the year so far.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River....Ha ha hah ah ah ha....I can't believe people bought that crap. Go play Arma's Free and 1000's times better.

theherp802485d ago

lol people seem to hate op flashpoint game a lot!

Alice is def a user pick of the year so far, it's a game that wasn't reviewed all that well but fans love it. i mean PC gamers gave it 8.9, that's a great score.

rrquinta2486d ago

Interesting numbers, especially user score for dungeon siege.

CrzyFooL2485d ago

PC gamers are mad about the consolizing of DSIII, other than that it's a great game.

dwightmccarthy2486d ago

yeah seeing alice up there as well. users just seem to like games that sometimes dont get the best rating. although dnf now that one just tanked completely

Rocket Sauce2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Alice is fantastic - best game I've played this year...and I might have missed it if I paid any attention to the big-name review sites.

BeOneWithTheGun2485d ago

Man, I don't get it. I thought Alice had potential but the delivery seemed so rushed and passe. The graphics, too, were pretty bad. Great art design just flawed execution IMO.

consolez_FTW2486d ago

hmm.. this list is actually pretty accurate for both best and worst games.

Hicken2486d ago

Don't people just hate Operation Flashpoint because it's hard?

zinkabass2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

No ,.. People hate it, because Bohemia Interactive isn't making it ,.. and it is not very good for Flashpoint game. (lol, I guess it at least runs way better and is probably less buggy :),..because Bohemia did not make it) :)

_____________________________ ________________________

Infamus 2 user scores don't surprise me at all,.. Because the game is just so damn great,.. Sucker punch just schooled most of developers, on fun game-play element design,..

I really wonder how Dungeon Siege is on PC,.. Because I used to love those games,.. Almost tempted to buy it on steam,.. but user score 5,4 does not really make me confident,..

BeOneWithTheGun2485d ago

@zinkabass...I was just on the phone with a buddy and he was saying we should grab this for some coop and I had not really heard much about it then saw this article. Is it a good game? The youtube videos seem alright. What about depth? Magic? Is it just hack n slash?

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