Space Warping Would Be Awesome for Portal 3

Username alpha new on Vimeo has created the following demo of a gameplay prototype called Torsion that allows the potential player to shoot two warp anchor points that pull two objects closer together. Kinda lika a Wrinkle in Space-Time brought to life.

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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mrv3212638d ago

A multiplayer would be cool, not in portal, but rather the portal gun in Half-life in which you can telport all over the map to either dodge bullets, cover ground and sneak up behind snipers.

As a spy I'd love that.

stormeagle62638d ago

Considering that most of the mechanics of Portal are lifted from small indie projects, I'd say it's pretty likely we could see this for Portal 3 if Valve gets hold of this video.

BigWoopMagazine2635d ago

That's a pretty cool concept, for any game. Throw that in a FPS and whammy,,, crazy ass shooting gallery!