New MW3 Elite Details and Theater Mode Confirmed

In May we announced the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Elite subscription and Beta signups and we were sceptical to say the least. Could Infinity Ward offer enough to get gamers to shell out the extra cash just for stats? Well no one can answer that except for each individual gamer but we have learned today that there will be a lot more than just stats offered with CoD Elite. On top of that we have confirmed that the very popular Theater Mode from Black Ops will be making a return in Modern Warfare 3.

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Paradicia2574d ago

It's interesting. I like the 'create a class' mobile feature :)

xxxAnubisxxx2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Another +1 for Call of Duty, in my opinion

HK62574d ago

So that puts them right around -42?

SuperSaiyan42574d ago

On one hand I like the unscripted damage and visuals offered by BF3 on the other hand I am used to the COD interface and style of gameplay also that it carries on from where MW2 left off...I think I will see what everyone thinks about the 2 games before I make a decision on which one to go for...However I think I will be busy with Halo: Anniversary :-D

Simco8762574d ago

Your happy with :30 second uploads? ahhaha, Elite is worthless.

Your paying for stat tracking. They will still rape you will Map Packs.

PhantomT14122574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

actually you don't pay for stat tracking, that's part of the free services of Elite.

fooxy2574d ago

pointless service for idiots who are willing to pay for facebook like features, no dedicated serves and ability to manipulate stats.... no thanks

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