RoboGay 002: The Top 5 Hottest Guys In Video Games

Aron Deppert of writes: "June was National Pride Month, and even though the glitz and glitter of the festivals and parades has long been swept out of the streets I still feel like celebrating. You’ve seen so many articles about the sexiest women in video games, and now in honor of National Pride Month this second edition of RoboGay is being dedicated to the hottest guys in games."

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vladn2572d ago

Love the idea, perhaps you should add this to 'alternate source':

AronDeppert2572d ago

I have no clue where that's at. I'm a N4G n00b. lol

Sidology2572d ago

I had a feeling Travis would make that list.

What about Kenshiro? OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU!

And you totally left off Sagat from Street Fighter.

JellyJelly2572d ago

The Commander Shephard I created wouldn't be on that list. He looked like a mix between a 3rd degree burn victim and Ivan Drago.


Yup, for some reason people NEED to mix sexual preference, religion, political alignment and what not to games, specially in top lists. I guess it's fair, how many times hadn't we seen "the top # hotest chicks in games"...

Still I wouldn't take this kind of sources seriously for gaming. I can't care less what anyone else's preferences are, if we are not talking about gamers as a whole community, I don't care what each individual or group over analyzed take on the subject is.

As far as I'm concerned, this hottest lists along with any religion or political take on games (unless it actually means any effect to the whole gamer communit - i.e. it affects everyone so it affects me hence I care) should be opinion pieces at best, definetely not an article.

RoboSpiff2572d ago

or its supposed to be funny. sheesh

pondaboba2572d ago

Yes - let's all be the same person and not give two shits about cultural diversity! There's the ticket, sport!

You're a moron.

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The story is too old to be commented.