Top 10 Best Halo Maps of All Time

GR - "Since 2001 the Halo franchise has consistently delivered an incredible multiplayer experience to its fans. This is a series and a studio that is known for its phenomenal multiplayer balance and map design. Choosing ten of the best maps for adversarial play is a gargantuan task as it involves choosing from some of the best multiplayer landscapes of gaming history. For continuities sake this list will omit Halo Wars maps."

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frjoethesecond2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Haven't read the list yet. Lockout is No. 1.

Edit: Lockout was No. 3. List Sucks.

Infernostew2486d ago

Lockout was amazing. Can't believe it's not #1.

aviator1892486d ago

Reflection as #1??
I'd disagree with that. My favorite has got to be either lockout or the pit.

2486d ago
Al802486d ago

Good list, but I agree with everyone who is wondering why Lockout wasn't number 1.

Best competitive multiplayer map of all time IMO

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The story is too old to be commented.