Club Nintendo Elite Status Gift fails to please

8bitfix writes: Today is July 1st and that date marks the first day of the new annual cycle of Club Nintendo rewards. Club Nintendo participants had until yesterday to redeem all of their points to qualify for their annual status rewards.

As I woke this morning, I received a PR email stating that the rewards are ready to be redeemed. Being Elite status I literally jumped out of bed and ran to the laptop, before reading the email on my phone in its entirety. I get here to find that the Elite Status gift was nothing like the years before.

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WhiteLightning2606d ago

I'm not surprized, there pins.

I get similar pins as a gift from the ONM magazine the odd time

SuperSaiyan42606d ago

The pins are probably for you to prick yourself with as a means to 'wake the hell up, do you really think we (Nintendo) would give you something of value??' Hahaha

DNAbro2606d ago

still waiting on the snes classic controller.

jacksonmichael2606d ago

I just ordered an adapter from eBay. But I still agree.

GodsHand2606d ago

LOL, After reading this I pictured Seth from Red Dead Redemption, when all he got was a glass eye, instead of the tresure he thought he would find.

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