New Red Dead DLC to feature "fan-favorite playable characters"

Rockstar has confirmed that it will continue to support the open-world Wild West adventure, Red Dead Redemption, by releasing more downloadable content soon.

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MintBerryCrunch2600d ago

if RDR came to the PC, the first mod that i would love to see is a remake of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, having all 3 characters playable

so much potential yet R* won't budge

Elimin82600d ago

A good the bad and the ugly Dlc alone will full a BR disc... lol. That is my fav movie of all times even though it"ss waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before my time.. I love Clint, Eli and Cliff... Imagine How long TGTB&TU game would be.. The original movie is hella long and was actually edited so imagine.. Would buy if the devs were right...

dorron2600d ago

I'm waiting for a complete edition to buy this game... :-(

Quagmire2600d ago

how long was it after gta4 that we got the bundle with episodes from liberty? expect to wait that long.

Legionaire20052600d ago

hope people still play this and GTA 4 best multiplayer ever with 10 game modes!!! Hope GTA 5 will do the same.

BaN590DeR2600d ago

what a such company respecting their fans unlike other company raping their fans <<< you know which company i meant

pipipi2600d ago

pleas no multyplayer stuff i want something story driven

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The story is too old to be commented.