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firemassacre2602d ago

you have a heart of gold...dont let them take it from you

Rip-Ridah2602d ago

Soul of mind - Key to life's ether. Soul of the lost withdrawn from its vessel. Let strength be grand so the world might be mended......So the world might be mended.

Cenobia2602d ago

I thought she said "granted", not "grand".

I think granted makes more sense.

Deadman_Senji2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

it's actually grant, although granted would make more sense.

frjoethesecond2602d ago

Very nice in-depth preview. Website rated up.

iamironman2602d ago

is demon's souls really that good? should i play it? just how hard is it?

Crystallis2602d ago

its one of the best action rpgs this gen, if not the best.

Anderson82602d ago

you should play it its the best action rpg ive playes this has a very steep learning curve.. its unforgiving

zerocrossing2602d ago

Demon's Soul's is a great game and you should play it atleast once, Its hard but not for the sake of being hard, The bosses will give you the most trouble but all in all its a very rewarding game just not very forgiving. Best action RPG this gen.

DarkBlood2602d ago

well i owned it for months now but never beat any of the actual big huge bosses which i think are the final one to each level

i conclude that it becomes easier if your hella lot more leveled up but thats the thing it takes almost a quite a while to level up thats the unforgiving part for me as to why i get pissed off trying to train lol

Deputydon2602d ago

It's really not as hard as everyone says. I started my very first save as a thief, which has near the lowest starting defense (excluding a barbarian, which doesn't even start with armor).

I died more times from careless mistakes, moreso than from actual enemies. I'll admit, sometimes I died because the camera locked on to the wrong target so when I tried to roll forward at the same time, the camera lockon would change angles and I'd end up rolling off the side and dying. But that happened very few times.

If you don't use a guide at all, and come into the game with no idea what it is even about, then yes, it is probably the hardest game you'll play this generation.

Cenobia2602d ago

The co-op helps a lot too, especially on more the bosses (especially the one where there are 2 of them). I played through about half the game myself and hit a wall.

I played the rest with my brother on a good internet connection and was able to get through it without too much trouble.

I also experienced the most epic fight I have ever had when I became the black phantom boss.

Must have lasted 15 minutes...

Deputydon2602d ago

Yeah I've had several long fights as the BP boss. I've actually had a 30 minute long fight against just a normal guy. I invaded, and we fought for seriously 30 minutes. We ended up adding each other and still play the game together on occasion. We both used over 70 herbs trying to stay alive.

Eventually, I conquered though.

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iamironman2602d ago

sounds like i should get it then. probably be cheap now so what the hey

DarkBlood2602d ago

got mine $20 new strinked wrap *factory made by the looks of it* at gamestop suprisinly lol although it was in the red box but thats fine since its my fav color