PS3Home: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Preview

PS3Home: With a campaign set to look particularly promising and some excellent improvements to the Spec Ops mode, incorporated for the first time into the last Modern Warfare game, and the Elite service, makes this new title look set to please existing fans of the series, as well as first-timers.

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bwazy2575d ago

This game is gonna herp and derp all the way to the bank


I should check to see if theres a BF3 friends list in the N4G forums. I'm never giving my hard earned money to the Cod series again.

femshep2574d ago

can't wait to waste your money on a rehashed game repeated from 2007?

good for you

Blacktric2574d ago

It's his choice. Not everyone has to like Battlefield or hate Call Of Duty like most of you guys/gals do. Personally, I'm not buying it day 1. Maybe, if they add dedicated servers and fix some of the issues that were present in past 2 games, I MIGHT buy it when it's price drops below 40 dollars.

femshep2574d ago


maybe if they stopped supporting terrorism, got a new engine, and worked on it for 3 to 4 years then maybe just maybe it would justify itself as a game again

but we all know that is never gonna happen

even buying call of duty is a watse of time, not saying like battlefield.....but call of duty won't be released year after year if idiots didn't buy it every year showing that its okay to release a game half developed, with all the bugs in it and they would pay full price....ever think of that maybe?

Motorola2574d ago

If you dont like it, dont buy it. Dont attack someone for liking the COD series. You know, alot of people on here say they will never touch the COD series again, but whose at the front of the line at launch? They are.

Goodfella2574d ago

I was playing MW2 earlier and boy is this some unbalanced shit. So sick of people running around with marathon and commando, this game makes me want to punch the fuck out of the people who play it daily. If MW3 has the same level of shit I am passing on it for sure.

Most annoying shit I've played in my whole life.