Black Rock's final project revealed

Eurogamer: Free-to-play Champions Alliance was 6 months away.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2575d ago

whoaaa, i didnt know Blackrock was gone?!?!

Pure was f**king brilliant, and Split/Second, albeit a flop, was definitely a critical success.

great job Disney. /s

ainsz2575d ago

But, but split/second said to be continued... I WANT MY SEASON 2!! :*(

MrBeatdown2575d ago

What a shame. Pure and Split/Second were great games.

It drives me nuts how people bitch and moan about a lack of originality in games, yet racing fans seem to only want to ramble on about how Forza is better than GT or vice versa, or simply stick with NFS and Burnout.

ainsz2575d ago

Thank you! It annoys me as well, I hate bandwagons.. Although I fell like Burnout is a little more innocent than the others you listed.