The Wii U Could End Up Having a Short Shelf Life

Though the Wii U promises an innovative controller and plenty of third-party support, the lack of power could end up hindering its lasting power.

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iforgotmylogin2636d ago

is this guy an idiot.

he hasnt seen the ds or the wii a system built around 2 screens and touch and a system built around motion...

then he says this
"I get the feeling it will get old, and the lack of power to compete with the other new consoles will only limit what it can and can't port onto the system." he has been to the future and seen the next gen of systems. my god even if the wiiu is less powerful than the ps4/720 im sure devs wont have to work to hard to port it over and wow if its too much work then maybe its not worth my time.

i rather have games built from the ground up than a port anyway.

matey2636d ago

Its stupid 4 this site to assume ps4/720 will be more powerful than WiiU when Armstrong VP at sony has akready confirmed ps4 will be same power as ps3 and aimed at women/casuals we already know WiiU is alot more powerful ie Valves words and Iwatas on Zelda tech that looked CGI like anyway going off AMD/IBM statements there using there most current tech in both chips so ALL EVIDENCE POINTS TO WIIU BEING MORE POWERFUL NEW DARKSIDERS 2 WIIU SCREENS AT GAMEKYO.COM.

NLGSean2636d ago

LOL what a moron. The Wii U is more powerful that 360 and PS3... Besides power is not everything... Its games. The Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS both say hello. This flamebait article will have a short shelf life.

Pikajew2636d ago

I hate idiots like this. If a console has great games it will last, has nothing to do with hardware. The psp is more powerful than the DS and the DS lasted longer.

iforgotmylogin2636d ago

Dreamcast says hi, but i agree its a shame poor marketing and decisions killed that system because it had a good set of games

2636d ago
TruthbeTold2636d ago

Translation: 'Hey guys, don't buy that! Wait for the next Sony/Microsoft console! You want to be "right" don't you?'

matey2636d ago

Its a shame because Sonys VP armstrong has stressed dont expect more power in ps4 now 4 me that says Sony isnt making a ps3x10 more a ps3x0.5 so 4 me WiiU isnt going to fall behind technically also its using the latest memory tech 4 extreme gameplay that is only in IBM's latest tech HD7000 so WiiU will be more powerful than PS4 going off actual facts we already know

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