WoW Free-to-Play to Level 20 Is 'Brilliant Strategic Move' Against Star Wars

World of Warcraft Starter Edition was unveiled earlier this week, revealing Blizzard's new scheme to hook players into World of Warcraft if they're not already playing the hugely popular MMO. The new edition allows players to try the game for free until they've reached level 20, and while it's not a complete switch to a free-to-play business model, it could be seen as a strategic move to counter growing competition in the MMO space.

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fabod862636d ago

i prefer to pay for a full experience other than have a free-to-play game where i have to pay every stupid item to be competitive... imho.

donniebaseball2636d ago

You're probably in the minority then since the Free-to-Play model is exploding

despair2636d ago

nah its not minority, I feel the same way, I loathe F2P, especially when game changing items are up for purchase then it comes down to who has the bigger wallet not skill and dedication to the game.

JsonHenry2636d ago

Level 20? That is like what, 2 days? I played WoW after the last expansion and got all the way 40 in under a week.

-MD-2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

For a new player level 20 could be a week. A veteran it means 10-12 hours.

Edit: Really that quick? I haven't played since November.

Raf1k12636d ago

lol not anymore. Now level 20 takes just a few hours even at a casual pace. You hit level 2 after handing in the first quest that doesn't require you to do anything other than hand it in.

JsonHenry2636d ago

Yeah man, it isnt anything like when it first came out. I made it to Level 40, literally, in under a week playing 2-3 hours a day. No joke.

outwar60102636d ago

lol i made an account when my ps3 broke and it took me like 3 months to get to 16

Christopher2636d ago


all meant in jest :)

outwar60102636d ago

lol i got bored of the quests and kept getting my arse handed to me in pvp by max lv peeps i remember once a friend let me keep spamming low level spells at him and then like 30 mins later i chipped away so little hp that you couldnt tell the bar had lowered at all but im going to make another account now and may take it a little more seriously

Christopher2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Problem with this strategy is that the level 1-20 areas are pretty barren. Add to that, it's likely that the majority of people who have considered playing WoW have already done so before the F2P concept was implemented.

I don't see this affecting SWtOR at all. What will affect SWtOR is whether or not the new MMO will be able to pull in gamers who are currently subscribed to WoW. They are already crippled in some ways considering that Star Wars is a fairly "Western" setting and WoW is very much utilized by both Western and Eastern regions.

BubbleSniper2636d ago

AGREE. WoW is on the decline, in my own opinion. It's no where near doing bad, but I think it's time has passed and other MMO's will pop up and tear pieces of it's community away.

With THAT said, I do think Blizzard has something cooking that could be the next best thing or the next "WoW" Project Titan.

outwar60102636d ago

toooo much grinding involved and tooo many jerks in its commuinity

joydestroy2636d ago

against Star Wars? well, tbh, Star Wars appeals to me's Star Wars! i know a lot of people love WoW, but it's just not for me.

Abriael2636d ago

Considering how limited the experience is to level 20 both in time and in scope, this move is inconsequential.