GotGame: The Top Ten Unsung Ladies of Gaming

Paul from GotGame writes: What kind of video game news site would we be if we didn’t have at LEAST one video game babe article? Well, we here at GotGame figured that if we’re going to do this, we might as well do something different than the “hottest game babe” articles that every other game site and their brother runs. So for this article, we will be focusing on some lovely ladies of gaming that are sadly underappreciated by most other lists.

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wonderboy9232489d ago

Awesome. Good to see different chicks on there.

samurailincoln2489d ago

Great read. I'd never heard of half of these characters. Truly great imaginary women.

DistrictMime2489d ago

Yeah same here. I really dug the top pick though.

samurailincoln2489d ago

I think you mean, "I like anime boobz"

cryptobotanist2489d ago

Nothin' wrong with some game girl lovin', lincoln

samurailincoln2489d ago

heh. No one's arguing that. ;)