Why I Played The Uncharted 3 Beta For 8 Hours Straight - RipTen

RipTen: I’ve spent all day playing the recently released Beta for Naughty Dog’s upcoming shooter, Uncharted 3. Damn near 8 hours later I’ve come away satisfied, surprised and completely amazed by what’s in stock for Uncharted fans worldwide. Whilst the game feels familiar in terms of mechanics, Naughty Dog have clearly refined and improved the formula that made Uncharted 2 a huge success online.

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vicious69832575d ago

I skipped Uncharted, finished Uncharted 2, and probably will play 3 eventually. I just don't see the gigantic buzz the series gets. I'm glad people seem to like it though.

jaredhart2575d ago

If you don't see the gigantic buzz than you must be trolling.

CptFlashHeart2575d ago

A guy can't have an opinion?

Now who's immature?

telekineticmantis2575d ago

He can have an opinion, it's just a biased one.

wollie2575d ago

Uncharted 2 is the best game ever made.

InfectedDK2575d ago

Uncharted is by far the most well done series.
Great singleplayer and online gameplay, great graphics, fine story!, good humour and yeah it basically just has it all. It's a videogame but a great one.

Pixel_Enemy2575d ago

I loved Uncharted for it's story, graphics, gameplay, and how well the cutscenes blended into gameplay. It had production values similar to movies which made it enjoyable for people to watch even if they weren't actually playing.

Naughty Dog recorded the voice at the same time as the motion capture so it seemed really realistic and they pulled it off well. Much better than a voice actor in a sound booth. Even L.A. Noire had great facial animations but since the voice/face was recorded separate from the body motion capture, it just didn't blend well and seemed off.

PygmelionHunter2575d ago

Biased towards what? He doesn't mention any other game/console...

omi25p2575d ago

I like uncharted, but i dont think its the holy grail of video games as some people do. I but understand why some people do. Also saying someones opinion is biased when you have no evidence to prove so is complete bs

nix2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

'biased' against the series.. maybe?

@omi25p: it may not be the holy grail but it certainly is close to it.

2575d ago
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Iroquois_Pliskin2575d ago

Im sorry to break it to you like this, but you have a problem.

egidem2575d ago

Do yourself a favor and go back to play Uncharted. It's a good game.

As for this lucky bastard who played for 8 hours straight, good for him. I can't play it for even 10 minutes without having my PS3 freeze or lag horribly.

jdfoster002575d ago

Get a better internet connection maybe? It was freezing and lagging like hell but after the patch it was fine and run very smoothly !

egidem2575d ago


My internet connection's speed is 38Mb/s (download) and about 20Mb/s (upload) That's about 4.75 MB/S of downloading, so I'm pretty sure it's not the internet speed.

When I say lag, I mean FPS. NOTHING to do with connection. It's like when you try to run Crysis on an underpowered PC, you get very little lag with little FPS, THAT'S what I mean.

EDD2132575d ago

The multiplayer sucked so try raising the bar next time PS3 I don't approve of getting killed 50% of the time I kill someone, not to mention the gay "Handicaps" in TDM

damnyouretall2575d ago

i guess the beta is ok. i just dont like shooting someone and them running away and getting away. happened all the time and got old quick. increase the damage and im down.

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KingNintendoFanboy2575d ago

That's a long time to play a game without a brake.

MidnytRain2575d ago

Nonsense, I can game all day without a brake. I usually leave them in my car, so no biggy.

Pintheshadows2575d ago

The difficulties come when playing DIRT 3 or GT5 though. You really need a brake.

CernaML2575d ago

At first I thought, "are you serious? TWO people using the wrong term?" But then I read the rest of your comment and lol'd.

joydestroy2575d ago

i went for 2hrs straight without realizing it...
felt like minutes went by. it's a lot of fun! love what they've done with it and the boosters and such

JonnyBigBoss2575d ago

I remember taking a brake a few years back, and I was quickly caught. Thankfully I was able to talk myself out of the situation.

NAGNEWS2574d ago

outage, really? its outrage dude!

DarkMellie2575d ago

Never really got into multiplayer in the last two and am unlikely to this time around. Very excited for the SP however.

creamydingle2575d ago

in the last 2? Did you even play the first?

Fruit Loops2575d ago

there wasn't multiplayer in the first one

shows how much you actually played the series lol

king052575d ago

Part 1 didn't have multiplayer....

Motion2575d ago

Lol, doesn't make his comment untrue though :)

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