MSXbox - Soul Calibur V preview

MSXbox-world published a preview of Namco's weapons based fighting game.

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Projekt7tuning2515d ago

I have spent so many hours of my life in front of this damn franchise lol. Damn you Namco for bringing this to my Dreamcast and hooking me like a crackhead. Then to my Gamecube, PS2, and now again with my 360. Damn you I say.
Another $60 spent lol.

MWH2514d ago

a well spent money imo.

the_best_player2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

I feel sorry for the 360 owners that D-Pad is bad.

@Tago-san said that he wanted to try and lean away from combo- and juggle-heavy matches seen in previous Soul Calibur entries, which I took with an express amount of relief.

Hmm so it's going to be noob freindly, this is now a Rent...

Projekt7tuning2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Um, Hori Fighting Stick EX2 for Xbox 360......
Yea look that up bud. Most of us that are into fighting games don't use a regular control pad from the Xbox or PS3 anyway.

I feel sorry for you for not knowing that. lol

Deadman_Senji2515d ago

Not like there's any exclusives to report on, eh

ElementX2514d ago

The voice acting and dialogue in this series is among the worst of any franchise.