Latest FIFA 12 video talks Pro Player Intelligence vision

EA Sports has released the latest developer walkthrough for FIFA 12 which continues to discuss the new Pro Player Intelligence. As in the the other videos FIFA 12 Gameplay Producer Santiago Jaramillo gives you a detailed talk.

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Rusco872643d ago

So basically players worth 20million plus are going to have "spidey sence". Very realistic EA! No human alive has perfirfaral vision like that.

itani2643d ago

So basically if you ain't an expensive player you're half blind.

Rusco872642d ago

So if ur playing online and you want a fair chance of winning due to a player(user) skill you have to play agaisnt the same team, as some players will have eyes in the back of their heads.

trunker2642d ago

come on guys, several footballers have peripheral vision like that, none of the 'wedges' went full 360 so directly behind is always a blind spot but players like xavi constantly glance almost 360 degrees BEFORE receiving a pass so have already seen an overlapping run start a good 2 seconds before receiving a pass and finding alves without looking cos he's 'read' the play seconds ago

of course the concept may not be perfect till tested extensively or a few FIFA's down the line but it's 1 attribute out of many, if the player's pass power,speed, accuracy doesn't match his 'vision' i imagine the move could still break down.

definitely has potential

Rusco872642d ago

No one on earth has a perfiferal vision that spans over 180degress. And adding this to FIFA is going to break it even more rather than taking what 11 has fix it to pefection, then add new things. There is no potential for this in FIFA and seems like the FIFA team are running out of ideas to add to their games.

It's getting to the point where FIFA, NFL, tiger woods etc, don't need yearly releases but yearly updates that can be charged for(not the typical dlc). Your basically paying for the year and box art rather than a game that works.

Even now as 11 comes to the end of it's year, it's still broken. Pro club doesnt work efficiently, ultimate team has some mayjor issues. 12 will probably not fix these game modes for 12 but add BS like this, that are unrealistic.

Enoughh of my groaning I think I've made it clear that things like this are just going to force people to play as top ranking teams with top ranking players rather than their home or favourite teams. I'm aware that not all teams are the same and some are hughley superior to others, but this will increase this divide greatly and unfairly.

HBK6192638d ago

First off, it's 'peripheral' vision...

Secondly, the whole concept behind it is to make players act and play smarter. Not necessarily provide a true to life vision meter for each player. Instead of ridiculous 1 second decision passes 40 metres up the field, they'll have to physically be able to see the player/s they're wanting to give the ball to and then make the pass in order to do it.

What it also means is that the good players will be able to play like good players, stringing passes together a lot faster and easier. While the lower ranked players will have to move the ball a lot more to get to where they want it to get to as they just don't have the same vision or senses as the worlds best players.

If anything it'll make things far more realistic.