MSXbox - exclusive Black Ops Shangri video

MSXbox-World published a video which shows off the Shangri level from the Black Ops Annihilation Map pack.

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Projekt7tuning2636d ago

Well, I know what to get my nephew for his birthday. Little turd loves this game. Its actually funny to watch him and his little buddies play this(their 11). They look like the zombies themselves lol. It cracks me up. They get so focused into it that a bomb could go off behind them and they wouldn't know it. Its the young ones that are buying this game like a drug.

RaidensRising2636d ago

Or those who are older buying it for them maybe?

Projekt7tuning2636d ago

Yes. But I'm sure you understood what I meant. I will be the guilty party buying this for him.

MintBerryCrunch2635d ago

sad part is if you bought him BF3, he'd probably get pissed

now if you were to troll him, i would get the cover art and disc art of MW3, put it on a MW2 game and see if he even notices the difference

Gamerfans2635d ago

I think your nephew is too young for this tbh. Get them interested I'm sports, like baseball!

EazyC2635d ago

Yes, get that SOB in an MLG CoD tournament asap! Keep that young'un healthy!