Pachter: Vita will rob Nintendo market share

Pacther thinks new Sony handheld will "likely contribute to further declines in Nintendo’s share price"
He believes that the PS Vita will achieve what the PSP did not and eat into Nintendo's handheld market share.

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firemassacre2639d ago

Handhelds live, Handhelds die, 3ds kiss your ass goodbye.

longcat2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

At the current price structure - yes, i agree with him.

But i have a feeling that Nintendo can drop below $200 if they wanted to

I disagree with his smartphone theory though. At the end of the day, the software experience does not match up to what we have grown accustomed to on handhelds.

Angry birds is a nice change of pace but i still need my crisis core

sphinct2639d ago

For the first time in a while I agree with Pachter. While at the same price point the Vita is a shockingly better deal.

gaffyh2639d ago

Completely agree with Pedrobear, the 3DS desperately needs a price cut if it's to compete with the Vita, and I think Nintendo probably will cut the price as soon as Vita launches.

zinkabass2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

they should launch it at 160-180 ,.. and they would still make money (around 50+ usd per unit) on hardware,..

They just fucked themselves out of a customer because of their greed,.. Now I don't even care, if they drop it to 130 tomorrow,.. I am still getting Vita,...

Smartphones,.. will not change shit on core-gaming market,.. It is simply ridiculous proposition on so many levels,..

First is inability to make complex enough interaction for 99 percent of core genres with touch screen as a standalone input method.(It may really add to and enhance the experience,.. but as a standalone it simply does not work)

Second,.. you still need a phone,.. ? hell, even plants VS zombies burns your battery like mofo,..

Third,.. To much risk involved in that market,..It is still a phone market,.. The dedicated gaming market is actually really small and almost nonexistent,.. You cannot develop multimillion dollar titles there and sell them for 1'99,..

iforgotmylogin2639d ago

all Nintendo has to do is drop the price of the 3Ds then what will people say o.o, is that the only argument? Graphics isn't a factor, and games aren't a factor, its gonna be based on brand loyalty.

when the 3DS is at 200 and vita at 250?
what then?

that's the only valid argument i ever see, 3Ds isnt worth the price neither is any apple product but it still sells. the tech in the 3DS is good the tech in the vita is better.

but then the tech in a ps3 is good and the tech in a pc is 50x better but look how that turned out.

Nintendos brand name is more recognized with friendly than sony. point blank. that turns around into holiday sales. Vita its gonna sell to the 17-40something year old males, so will the 3DS.

Nintendo dominates the handheld market but no one in the world truly holds the market share for ever

ex look at Microsoft, apple is trying to steal as much shares as possible, in the end Microsoft still controls 80+% of the market but people make a big deal because apple is up 2%

same for smartphone apple had 90% control now its dropping to 60 maybe even 50% control thanks to android and wp7os

Nintendo owned the handheld market from the 90's till the psp came out there was no competition no choice, Nintendo handheld share fell from 100% to 90% now its close to 75% but thats after sony spent more than 2x as much on advertising and the lost so much money getting their new product out while Nintendo didn't even try.

Dont count Nintendo out, and what does everyone believe in their mind that sony will sell 200million vita's and the 3DS 5 million and Nintendo will just drop out of the race? obviously if in the 2% chance that Nintendo lost they would just make the baddest handheld to date. so get over yourself vita fans. let the disagrees commence.

lizard812882639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Price cut, I doubt it, and not during the holiday season with the heavy hitters showing up. They may stay the same well into next year.

The Vita is going to grab much more of nintendo's market this time around though, but judging from the past for like...all consoles and handhelds, usually the 1st year is a bit week for new consoles and handhelds, put i'm sure 2 or 3 years later, we might see a price drop. but who knows, maybe the Vita will have an awesome launch with AAA games out at launch, but i highly doubt it.

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Prcko2639d ago

vita best handheld !!!

Warprincess1162639d ago

Finally Pacther makes a accurate prediction.

killerhog2639d ago

*picks up an original fatty ps3 and throws it at your head* oops oh well *drags your unconscious body out of psn and dumps you in xbl* and stay out! we don't like you even if you say good things about sony brands troll

RyuCloudStrife2639d ago

he just cursed the PS Vita by making that prediction

telekineticmantis2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

they showed, with skype, I'm gonna annoy the heck out of my wife, prompting her to get one and do it back to me.


Deadman_Senji2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

It's fun to watch the Xbox loyalists squirm while holding no real allegiance of my own.

I am an Xbox antagonist, not a fanboy of the "competition"

other than that, yeah..console wars are really stupid. They used to be more civil too. Humanity has really gone down the tubes.

Nicaragua2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Its good for driving competition in sales which pushes manufacturers to make better hardware/software in order to attract more customers.

Im happy there is a console war and i think Sony is winning it.

telekineticmantis2639d ago

great games before this console war. I don't think, it's bring anything positive to the industry. It's hampering sales, because a person who would of gotten both consoles in the past, is now a loyalist to one brand. Gaming was alot more fun during those times, you'd go to a friends house and they'd have a 64, Playstation and an Xbox. That's fun.

Nicaragua2639d ago

The console wars are nothing new and existed just as much in that nostalgic rose tinted golden age you mention - you probably just didnt read about it as much since the internet wasnt as widespread.

"Sega does what Nintendon't" - for example

VampiricDragon2639d ago


the psp took marketshare as well. And the vita should keep it

But his assessment on the death of handhelds is misguided.

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