The Catch-Up: Fallout 3 (Part 1)

In this week's edition of The Catch-Up, Kyree gives Fallout 3 a second chance... and so far, it's paying off.

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Bigpappy2576d ago

Must have been too young to appreceate the greatness of that game the first time playing it. Once I started. I could stop. One of the greatest games this gen.

Tru_Blu2576d ago

I feel the same way. Just got a goty I found cheap also. Heading back to the wastelands to get my 100% as we speak.

buckley2576d ago

I had a similar experience to the author... Started once, hung out at Megaton, lost interest for whatever reason.

Went back months later, put in over 100 hours. Couldn't stop. Don't know why it took two tries, but when it got me, it got me.

Morbius4202576d ago

That same thing happened to me with Fable: The Lost Chapters and kotor. With Fable I played so much my original Xbox died. I was lucky enough that day that Best Buy had 2 Xbox 360s for sale; this was a couple months after launch when 360s were scarce.

Tru_Blu2576d ago

I'll add, in my opinion it was the greatest game this generation. Sure some other games were really good but this was the only game I'd skip going out with friends cause I just had to get home and play it. New Vegas was good also but just didn't have the FO:3 aura if that makes sense.

bwazy2576d ago

A second chance...?

I dont understand how this game failed to deliver on the first chance.

STICKzophrenic2576d ago

I played the game for about 20 hours and hadn't really accomplished much. I think I started playing another game, and didn't pick it back up until a couple months ago, which was about a year after I stopped playing it. I logged well over 100 hours I believe. Once I beat the main quest, I started some of the DLC (GOTY edition) but then stopped playing it again cuz inFAMOUS 2 released, and I bought Killzone 3 as well.

buckley2576d ago

I had the same exact experience. Interesting how there's a solid contingent of people who had to give this game a second chance, and that it worked.