RAGE Playable at Eurogamer Expo

id Softwork has announced that their latest game will be playable at this yea'rs Eurogamer Expo.

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liore2639d ago

That's awesome I'm going to it

TheBeast2639d ago

That phrase reminds me of a song...anyways, this game does look great, can't wait to try it out :D

firemassacre2639d ago

yea from gta vice city lol

Jocosta2639d ago

Peter Murphy: All night long

zero_cool2639d ago

Personally these songs below fit this game...

AC/DC - Back In Black:

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap:

AC/DC Shoot to thrill:

AC/DC - Hells Bells:

ACDC - Highway To Hell:

AC/DC - T.N.T:

The_Perverted_Ninja2639d ago

ACDC came out before my dad was born. I had to look it up to find out who they even were. I doubt anyone on here would care to listen to that but thanks for posting anyway ;)

zero_cool2638d ago

Actually your wrong plenty of people would love some ac/dc tracks on this game & ac/dc are better then 90% of garbage brought out these days & that's a fact!