Why Won't Space Sims Work Nowadays?

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: How long has it been since the release of a space sim? In years past, the genre was one of gaming’s most exciting and prolific. During (arguably) the best era of computer game development, companies like LucasArts and Origin spoiled gamers with unforgettable space classics.

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Godmars2902642d ago

Because game makers are too focused on the first person mechanics?

And course Mass Effect would greatly benefit from a space combat element, but - *flamesuit on* - there likely wasn't enough space on a 360 disc for Bioware to consider it even in the early stages of development.

agentxk2642d ago

It could have been a space issue but they really could have set the PS3 version apart with something like that. Hell, even DLC

blitz0x2642d ago

Because space is just that: black nothingness. Nowadays we could truly simulate just how boring that would be :P

Anderson82641d ago

space is many things.. boring is not one of them

Panthers2641d ago

I would LOVE to see a Colony Wars game this gen. That game was so fun and hard. I know I could never beat Colony Wars Vengeance.

PsycheMax2641d ago

Hey Guys: X Series! :D
Or EVE Online.

Problem is that the space is a too black, alone, nothingful place.

And I love Space Sim! :D

KongRudi2641d ago

Yeah.. X3 works for me atleast.. :)

x5exotic2641d ago

Make a Wall-E space sim xD

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