Developer Black Rock To Close Down

Disney Interactive has confirmed that the Split/Second developers Black Rock Studios will be closing down.

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GamersXTREME2602d ago

Such a shame...they were a very talented development studio.

xTHRASHx2602d ago

Pure is one of my favorite "action sports" games ever. Its just pure fun. I do hope the employees (and those IP's) find a good home.

Yi-Long2602d ago

... started with it 2-3 weeks ago and it just surprised me and blew me away...

I was considering picking up Split/Second cause it seems like a brilliant game, but decided against it because of all the DLC.

It's a shame they're closing down, and I hope the talent behind these great games will find new opportunities elsewhere.

GamersXTREME2602d ago

Between Pure (which felt like SSX on quads which is just awesome) and Split/Second (one of my favorite racing games, to the point where I had to platinum it), the developer had two excellent titles under their belt...just a shame neither sold well.

ainsz2602d ago

This industry is very unforgiving, and I blame it on CoD, the game that has ruined this generation so much.