Pre-Orders: Battlefield 3 outselling Modern Warfare 3

Not only Gamestop says that Battlefield 3 is currently outselling Modern Warfare 3 in terms of pre orders. So does Amazon.

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evrfighter2458d ago

Just think. Theres a whole platform waiting to preorder on steam. I can say with confidence that the pc community is backing bf3. We are set to speak with our wallets. Where you at ps3 gamers?

Black-Helghast2458d ago

It ain't gonna happen bro...Mw3 will be the best selling game 2011. I'm not even gonna bother on that game, Mw2 was awesome and all but I doubt its a better game than Battlefield. :/

joydestroy2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

yep i think it's gonna do really well on PC. will be my first combat shooter on PC

regardless, i honestly just hope a lot of people take the opportunity to play BF3. i believe it's going to be an amazing game.

malamdra2458d ago

I think that MW3 will outsell BF3 but it won't outsell Black Ops or MW2

this is the start of the decline

MWong2458d ago

Don't know where the other PS3 gamers at but I pre-ordered BF3 as soon as it was availble for order. I do have to say a lot of gamers don't pre-order anything though. Only the people that want to get special content usually pre-order.

DasTier2458d ago

@black-Helghast your correct, mw3 will be the best selling, and its inferior to battlefield, but activision knows that and its why the last 2 call of dutys have been for sale at £25 upon launch in many shops.

Pixel_Pusher2458d ago


Oh now the PC crowed needs us shitty little console owners. lol

BigWillys2457d ago

@evrfighter - And 360 gamers too.

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firemassacre2458d ago

battlefield 3 deserves it.

InfectedDK2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Haven't bought a BF ever.. I played Vietnam at college for a time though. However this time I think BF will own CoD. Haven't preordered but as soon as my wallet says hi I will buy it!

hennessey862458d ago

that mw3 will outsell bf3, pre orders dont mean jack

firemassacre2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Battlefield 3 will gut modern warfare like the pig it it...

"gets on top of jeep with flamethrower"

DarkTower8052458d ago

"I'll take pleasure in gutting you...boy!"

StayStatic2458d ago

Wasn't that on The Rock ?

Boody-Bandit2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )
^I loved that scene!
Zeus' Butthole was equally funny

on topic:
It doesn't matter about sales. It's all about the game play and I don't doubt for a millisecond which game will be the better game. Battlefield 3

Gran Touring2458d ago

"I can say with confidence
that mw3 will outsell bf3, pre orders dont mean jack"

And I can say with confidence, BF3 will be a much better game than MW3. Sales don't mean jack to gamers.

hennessey862458d ago

well untill BF3 is sitting in my ps3 or xbox I will reserve my judgment because up untill now infinity ward has never disapointed me. where as bf2 got boring within a few weeks and before you say im a noob ive neen gaming for over 20 years.

hiredhelp2457d ago

infinity ward has never disapointed me.
----------------------------- ----------------
Sorry burst your bubble freind but other than the name that activision has got the team has left. the major players any hows.
its done by a new team that only took 12months to create google it,
unlike bf3 taken a hell of alot longer not just the game but the engine too.

STK0262458d ago

I think pre orders mean something, just not in this case. BF3 is well known in the gaming community, and they are the ones more likely to pre-order their games. Call of Duty is still a much stronger brand outside of the usual gaming community than BF3 is, and those outside of the usual gaming community don't pre-order their game as much.

Look at Madden and FIFA, both of these games sell extremely well every year, yet, I presume they're not being pre-ordered all that much.

RastaCC2458d ago

wasn't there already an article about this a couple days ago?

red2tango2458d ago

That was about Gamestop

Supman2458d ago

The quality is just so much
higher in bf3.

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