My Wife, The Casual Gamer Reacts to: Shadows of the Damned

“Wait, what are they talking about? This is another penis game, isn’t it?”.

Gaming Irresponsibly's Josh Knowles exposes his wife to another hardcore title.

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agentxk2576d ago

So, what will it be next week?

blitz0x2576d ago

Hmm. Don't burn her out on low-brow humor, try something classier.

agentxk2576d ago

You are telling me! Really drawing a blank for this week though. Someone said Black Ops... Maybe that?

agentxk2576d ago

Ehhhhh, I am not sure if that is the best one at this time. She may be done with games for a bit after that one.

blitz0x2576d ago

If she wont play it herself, maybe have her direct you where to go and such.

thereapersson2576d ago

It's a challenging game and it even has co-op. You'll both love the atmospheric art direction.

dark-hollow2576d ago

let her play amnesia for world class entertainment (for you at least) :D