Goodbye Call of Duty, the Uncharted 3 Beta Dethroned You

To this day, millions of people are still hooked to Call of Duty's fast-paced, pick-up and play style multiplayer. However, it's to the point where people only focus on Call of Duty's multiplayer as opposed to trying other games. The Uncharted 3 Beta was released earlier this week...and it obliterates COD's multiplayer thanks to implementing a more "cinematic" feel to it. Find out why it's a better multiplayer title after the link!

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wwm0nkey2243d ago

Call of Duty: FPS and Multiplatform

Uncharted 3: TPS and PS3 Only

Its not even the same f'ing genre!

GamersXTREME2243d ago

Please understand that despite both titles being entirely different genres, multiplayer is essentially the same concept. You run around, kill people and there's occasionally a slight twist to it. If you actually read the article, I'm not comparing that one's an FPS and one's a TPS, but rather just on what makes Uncharted 3's multiplayer a vastly superior one than that of any COD. The reason behind the editorial is so people who literally stick only to COD year after year, may consider trying something more innovative and get off the "COD" bandwagon that is evidently hurting the industry.

Also, I noticed your comment below about how rankings aren't the only thing that matters, but sales as well. Duke Nukem: Forever scored very poorly with most critics (we have yet to review it on our site so we can't judge it) but sold pretty well, does that make it a good game? Sales are a lackluster way of judging how a game is because a great deal of people buy games that are well marketed, even if it's a poor game.

mantisimo2243d ago

Asolutely agree with the article cod is really starting to merge one into another the Uc3 beta proves Naughty dogs crown has a new gem.

Pixel_Pusher2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Where's LogicWins at? It seems to be getting a bit more crowded on my side. haha

YoungKiller252243d ago

I don't think people are getting the fact that hes not comparing the two games saying ones better than the other, hes comparing the multiplayer in the games saying which one works more effectively as a multi-player component. he has the right to compare Demon Souls multiplayer-ish component, to MAG or Warhawk. simply for the fact that hes addressing effectiveness of the MP element in each game.


curtis_boy2243d ago

and to be honest isn't that great either

MaxXAttaxX2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

After the beta, the full game comes out with more features and better than ever :)

Washington-Capitals2243d ago

Im a long time CoD player and have invested a lot of time in the past few days for the UC3 beta. Currently at level 24 and have unlocked mostly everything you can. I think the beta is great, but as a full time replacement for COD? the jury is still out for me and most of my friends on my list and in real life. Theres some issues with the party system and generally getting a group of friends together to play which bothered me a bit with the Beta. Hopefully those are fixed in the final release.

deadpoole2242d ago

UC3 is a true beauty ... and one more thing, on a side note: ... what Ive realized in previous stories, an argument between COD and BF fanboys ... I see everyone beatin around bush instead of comin to main point.

Guys who are supporting BF3 is because of ... first, they have tried battlefield series before and they liked it and second most important is, these guys have been burn so many times by activision and treyarch ... that they are screamin that dont keep givin the developers your hard earned when they are not even workin towards new engine and keep releasin same COD game every year. Whereas BF3 is using new Frostbite 2 engine, where developers didn't just wasted their time sittin on their a$$ and releasin the same crap over.

In the End BF3 fanboys are tryin to put some sense into COD fanboys that give the money to deservin developers and dont just blindly keep give money to lazy a$$ developers ... plus they are sayin to try something new which obviously is gonna be 100 times better then COD.

AdmiralSnake2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )


COD players doesn't care about BF3. What I hate about this damn site is the fact the you people try and call other players dumb because of what they choose to do with their Money.

If I decide to buy COD every single year and every single damn map pack because I enjoy it and it's fun to me then I don't see how you're trying to make me realize anything.

How about we all play and buy whatever we want and stop insulting people because of what they choose to purchase with their own money.

I don't see whats the problem with either COD or BF3. I just think that because people have a problem with Activision and despise COD themselves they try to get EVERYBODY..... to see their point of view....

Do I understand why people hate COD ??? Yes. Do I understand why the fanboys are constantly mentioning COD in their mouth or trolling the articles ? Absolutely not...

On Topic.... this article is dumb... Uncharted 3 is a TPS shooter and isn't related to COD at all.

RyuCloudStrife2242d ago

sorry but its not better then Zombie mode

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mantisimo2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

@ wanna get high, Just go and get high.

Dart892243d ago Show
jdfoster002243d ago

Did you actually read it?

Godmars2902243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Sorry, but how are FPS and TPS different genres? They're both basically the same just with slightly different perspectives.

And I'm certain COD will remain dethroned up to and until the next COD beta.

gamers are fickle like that.

Godmars2902243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

How about not simply disagreeing with my opinion and explain how I'm wrong? Your perspective is either directly looking as you shoot someone/thing or looking over your shoulder as you shoot something - how are they different?

vickers5002243d ago

Funny, a couple of days ago, I remembered reading comments in u3 beta articles saying things like "Uncharted 3 beta is NOTHING like CoD", and similar statements to that effect, with those comments getting high amounts of agrees and very small amounts of disagrees.

Yet now I see comments saying that there are no BIG differences (as opposed to the previous "it's nothing like it" comments) in the two, and the comments are pretty highly voted up.

Listen n4g, I know it's the cool thing to hate on CoD right now (after all, it is a sh*t franchise which deserves to be hated), but can you at least be consistent and not be hypocrites?

Which is it? Is U3 beta very similar to CoD but a thousand times better, or is it nothing like CoD but a thousand times better?

cobra42243d ago

I think his point is that the two GENRES are close enough for comparison. He's not drawing similarities to both games, he's simply stating that the type of game, in it's most basic form as a tps, is comparable to an fps in some ways

DreamTension2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Sorry, but there are a hell of a lot more differences between COD and Uncharted MP besides their respective perspectives.

12 vs 12 and 5 vs 5

run and gun/camp or Cover based game play

Stay near your team and shoot anything that moves twice or intense battles heavily focused on teamwork

running/sprinting/hopping or platforming/climbing that is unique to less that 5% of online MP

While I do enjoy Uncharted's MP more than COD, I also think it's silly to compare them.

Edit: super stardust is also the same then right? Different perspective, going around shooting things.

a08andan2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

The difference is vast. A First-person perspective is often used in games where action is the focus, often high pace, where story doesn't matter that much. The third person perspective is used when the player has some kind of bond to his/her character, like most RPG:s and games with character progression. Just look at Call of Duty, compared to lets say Mass Effect. When the character itself is very important, then actually seeing said character is very important and therefor they choose a third-person-perspective. At least that is what I think^^

NeoTribe2243d ago

logically fps and tps are totally different generes. First person view compared to Third person view are TOTALLY different. U cant switch starcraft or warcraft into fps view and still call it a rts. thats what makes a genre a genre. If we classified every game where u shoot people with a gun as a fps, 95% of all games would be considered a fps.

Cerberus21252242d ago

The Genre for both games is Shooters,Third-person,and First-person are sub-genres,but by the looks of a most people here don't know that.

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cobra42243d ago

Sure it's not the most perfect comparison but I've had much more fun with this more than any call of duty since modern warfare 1

solar2243d ago

UC is a gamers' game. CoD is a caaual game. sorry but many many games are out wether AAA, indie, Valve that puts CoD's MP to shame. problem is CoD doesnt take much brain power to play. and in this generation of streamlining games to where the brainless can figure out whats going on in MP, well, you know where im going.

TheXonySbox2243d ago

Cod has far better competitive shooting mechanics; sorry UC3 Beta is poop! POOP I SAY!

DanSolo2242d ago

To be honest although it is good that COD is losing some of it's dominance and that the multiplayer share is getting spread a little more evenly.... this whole COD hate and trying to "beat" COD thing has gotten really old......

It is about time COD lost the top spot purely as it's good for gaming as a whole.... but there are plenty of people who still love the game, and there is more than enough room for lot's of good multiplayer games including COD!

I think it's time to move past the COD bashing as much as it's time to move past the COD addiction....

lil Titan2242d ago

i dont remember COD ever having a beta on PS3, i think thats what the article is trying to point out as COD beta has never been on the PS3 at least i dont remember ever being in one (im normally in every beta that comes out :)

Mottsy2242d ago

Shit then Gears of War killed COD too

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firemassacre2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

uncharted 2 already dethroned every call of duty to date.

Game PS3
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Metascore: 96

Game PC
Call of Duty
Metascore: 91

Game PC
Call of Duty 2
Metascore: 86

Game X360
Call of Duty 3
Metascore: 82

Game PC
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Metascore: 92

Game PS3
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Metascore: 88

Game X360
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Metascore 9.4

And uncharted 2 also has the most game of the most awards in history. ( in history of mankind.)

its even got higher scores than all of gears and halo games.

wwm0nkey2243d ago

Ranking higher in Meta critic doesn't mean its dethroned dude...sales matter too.

Narutone662243d ago

Yes, 360 version will sell better than PS3 version of COD because the 360 fans have to buy their games again and again because of scratched discs.

zootang2243d ago

Well said firemassacre, here's a bubble. Uncharted is one of my all time great franchises.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

''And uncharted 2 also has the most game of the most awards in history. ( in history of mankind.)''

Indeed, U2 have more than 110 Awards, making this game the best game ever according to the awards, unlike COD.