Halo: A Sales History

VGChartz - "Welcome to a new regular feature here on VGChartz, where we dissect the sales - past, present and future - of the biggest franchises in the industry. Today we'll be breaking down the iconic series that is Halo, with analysis on Pokemon, Gran Turismo and others to come. If you would like to nominate one of your favourite franchises for analysis please leave a comment below; let your voice be heard!"

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Spectator12427d ago

Great article, pretty much agree with the predictions as well.

StanLee2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Halo as a franchise is a juggernaut in the industry. The franchise singlehandedly saved the XBox platform. If Halo: CE wasn't a success, Microsoft would be out of the console business. Instead, they're neck and neck this generation with Sony.

DasTier2423d ago

It's was hardly saving the franchise as it was a launch games, a better analysis would be to say it gave the xbox a flying start with constant boosts every few years.

Seece2427d ago

Woo, can't wait for Halo CEA ^^

bmw692427d ago

I'm not sure it'll sell as well as the author is suggesting though

femshep2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

it will, it'll bring in all the people who played that as there first Halo/ possibly first xbox game back in 2001, and all the kids today who only got to start with halo 3 will be able to see where is all started.

people are already complaining about the multiplayer, but the whole point of the remake is to bring a 10 year old game to the current gen with just a graphics makeover

hopefully they will do the same with halo 2 so that way the entire series will be on the 360

HarryMonogenis2427d ago

Man, I am so looking forward to the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition.

Great article as well. =)

bmw692427d ago

Can't believe it has been ten years

Runa2162427d ago

It's a shame such a mediocre game series has sold so well...

The Meerkat2427d ago

Have you considered the possibility that everyone else is correct?

Dark3602427d ago

It's a shame such a mediocre series like killzone or Resistance can't even compete to the same level of all mighty Halo series...Hail to the King HALO

DigitalRaptor2427d ago

Re-phrase: It's a shame such an underrated series like killzone or Resistance can't even compete to the same level of the great but highly overrated Halo series...Hail to commericialism!!! /s

testerg352427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Shh.. they will say its because there's so much choices on the other platform. That's why they don't support their games like 360 users support Halo.

DigitalRaptor, "underrated"? By whom? The media gave good to great reviews for those 2 games.

Inside_out2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Article is ok...I think the new Xbox will be available holiday 2012 with Halo 4, the beginning of a new Halo trilogy. Why would they launch a trilogy on a old system and then a year later have to put another game...NO, they have a "new " Halo game with new graphics ready to launch in 2012 with a new, more powerful machine. games are not underrated. . Those games just didn't sell anywhere near Halo like numbers. Maybe those games aren't as good as you think. You don't own a 360 so how would someone like you know anything about Halo or any games associated with the 360...o_0...go get yourself a 360. The old Halo games are backwards compatible and the new Halo's ( Halo 3, ODST, Wars and Reach ) will impress.

Muffins12232424d ago

It's a sham how you have never played halo 3 and how you know nothing of halo,hey you know why no one knows anything about kill zone's characters?I don't because no one gives a shit about it......I know all the halo characters,master chief,arbiter,cortana,etc.If people who don't have halo know master chief....

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khuutra2427d ago

I figure that since Halo is so important that the focus on it - for Microsoft - will remain as laser-keen and industrious as it has been up to now. That's one thing I especially like about this series's sales: they more or less guarantee that Microsoft will do anything to make sure we get the best product possible.

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