Battlefield 3 dev: “We’re doing things no one else is capable of.” Also: Team Deathmatch

EA’s Battlefied blog has just posted an interview with Lars Gustavsson – multiplayer designer for the upcoming eye-squintingly-beautiful military FPS.

Accessibility is high on the team’s priority list, especially when compared to Battlefield 2′s refreshingly abrupt design philosophy: “Play the game our way, or play something else.” This time, an effort is being made to reverse the mentality: “The goal with Battlefield 3 is to offer a vast variety of gameplay experiences and to be inviting to everyone. We’re not telling you how to play the game. You choose.

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lugia 40002641d ago

Actually I say, goodbye troll.

deadpoole2640d ago

battlefield 3 is gonna be amazing ... one thing i dont understand ... when they say pre-alpha ... what do they mean ... is it grphics wise, gameplay wise or what ???

Takoulya2640d ago


Pre-alpha is just an overall stage in development. Generally, animations are not fully made, graphics are not at full potential, and drastic gameplay changes can occur from then to release date.

RememberThe3572640d ago


I htink they mean the entire thing working together. The physics, the animations, the lighting, the textures, all of it. I don't think they're saying that all those things are better than everyone else, but that no one else is doing all of that together at one time.

HK62640d ago

Pre-alpha is a term used in video game development. Creating a game goes through a cycle of Alpha > Beta > Gold(Release).

evrfighter2640d ago

yup pre-alpha is just the engine on a chassis with the sanded body.

All the cool stuff comes after.

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Hanif-8762640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Darn, i just can't wait to play this... just a little bit under 4 months to go!

PRHB HYBRiiD2640d ago

Rage looks really really good..but this is on another level

jdfoster002639d ago

You can't compare RAGE to battlefield... RAGE IS A RACING SHOOTER (ON MULTIPLAYER) And is not on foot like bf3/air and vehicle whereas RAGE is vehicle only mp...

xPhearR3dx2639d ago

calm down a lil man its not a big deal, but RAGE is a FPS in heart, and its a shame the MP is racing, but its still and FPS

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ARC35822640d ago

When did modesty go out of style... I mean really, it was bad enough when it was just the idiotic fanboys, but now it's devs too? "No one else is even capable of what we're doing", "We're setting a bar no one else can even reach", "We not only have the best graphics, but we're doing it at twice the frame-rate of everyone else", it's really starting to get on my nerves.

peowpeow2640d ago

So it meant to sell the game? It deters me from their games when devs do that :/

Elwenil2640d ago

Eh, if you've got it, flaunt it. Either way you can't win and make everyone happy. If they didn't talk it up some would complain that it wasn't marketed good enough, others will claim they are hyping it too much. Sometimes it's just damage control against criticism posted by their competition's fanboys. I personally wish things would go back to before every monkey and his brother were some sort of tabloid gaming "journalist" that seems to drive this sort of behavior and let the games stand on their own merits but I think we are too far gone with the "Internet Age" with everyone entitled to their opinion and needing to cram it down everyone's throat for that to ever happen.

annus2640d ago

It's to build hype, why else? If you were in charge, would you state something that makes fans excited or "our games are nothing new, our graphics are average, we don't do anything that nobody else has done, it is just your plain old shooter"? You would be great at advertising.

BeOneWithTheGun2640d ago

I understand what you are saying but every single hot chick in a bikini sways her ass when she walks down the beach. Oh, and we always stare like idiots.

bwazy2640d ago

Believe me we'd rather be doing something else than staring at her. Its just a brutal attention whore filled reality out there.

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CaptCalvin2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I'm not liking the the COD mentality that is infecting so many game designers nowadays. WTF was wrong with BF2??

Also not that I don't like TDM but watch FFA be added next.

pumpactionpimp2639d ago

Agreed there was nothing wrong with bf2. In fact in a lit of ways it was ahead of it's time. With the graphics, amount of people classes, and conquest mode. It was a good leap ahead of 1942, and overall was a great game.

Funny how time makes people forget how good a game was, especially for it's time.

Skate-AK2640d ago

I can't wait for the beta. Although in the release version I will be playing rush not TDM

killerhog2640d ago

I think guerrilla can do what they (dice) claim others can't. Now I would bring up kz3 but guerrilla could of done much more lol. I think Naughty dog and konami can also do it.

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