Rumor: Original Crysis Bound for Xbox 360?

Kotaku: Today, the South Korea GRB (Game Rating Board) apparently approved Crysis for the Xbox 360. Crysis has not been released on the Xbox 360. It's a Windows-only title.

According to the Korea GRB, the game will be published by EA Korea. The rating page, which also went live today, specifically states the game is Crysis. Crysis 2 was already released in South Korea earlier this year. Does this all mean the Xbox 360 is getting a Crysis port?

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BeastlyRig2642d ago

I am sure the draw distance will be awful..

on that big a$$ island.

Paradicia2642d ago

Coming from the same south Korean games rating site that ran the PS3 version of limbo through its verification.

It holds some water at least.

TheDareDevil2642d ago

It seems that Crytek and Microsoft have got a good partnership. Maybe Crytek could make third-party Exclusives for Microsoft in the future(Ryse).

Active Reload2642d ago

Seems to have been rated for both consoles now.

dark-hollow2642d ago

skyrim? red dead?
i know its no where near the draw distance capabilities of the pc but the xbox 360 can handle pretty decent draw distance ( for an 2005 tech, at least)

nickjkl2642d ago

im sick of comments like these

sounds alot like people who dont know what the hell there talking about

theres a thing called balance you know

decrease rendering options increase draw distance
decrease draw distance increase effects

lower resolution increase draw distance

etc etc im sick of comments like yours

dark-hollow2642d ago

did i say otherwise on my comment?

LightofDarkness2642d ago

It's not so simple. In order for Crysis to still be Crysis then the draw distance/lod would be significantly reduced. Crysis is constantly simulating things going on all over the island, which is a huge pain in the RAM. For the PS3/360 this is already a problem. Now trying to render all that stuff far into the distance, while all that's going on (mind you it takes a BEEFY PC with at least 2GB RAM to play this, consoles have 512MB), plus all the fancy visual effects and crazy stuff going on wherever you are currently, it's just a bit much.

I don't see it happening. If it does, it'll be like Quake 2 on PSX. It sort of looks like Quake 2, but it's just not the same game. They'll cut the game to shreds to fit it into the console memory footprint.

BlackKnight2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

People don't get why Crysis 1 was so insane, and still is to this day, when it comes to graphics/gameplay.

It has HUGE levels, about as open a shooter can get until it becomes FULL sandbox. While at the SAME TIME, it keeps every damn object as part of the physics engine, EACH limb of a tree or bush it physicalized and reacts to wind, explosive forces, people and object passing through them, and then the rendering quality, the lighting, shadowing, small details (teacups are rendered in excellent detail, can even be picked up and thrown), the AI was amazing unlike the Crysis 2 AI which was cut down. AI would shoot a flare in the air if you were detected and they had time to, and AI from THE OTHER side of the map would come over, and it isn't scripted, it happens anytime a person has a flare and the other AI are able to see it.

There would have to be SERIOUS changes to the level design (not making it crysis 1 like) or reducing its graphics heavily (reducing from Crysis 2's stellar graphics for console).

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kingdoms2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Don't let this kid fool you with his name he is a ps3 fanboy.

You have now clue what advancements developers have done with new or upgraded engines and the 360 hardware over the years and don't know what the 360 can do. No developer has pushed the 360 with any worth while engines until Crytek and Turn10 with their latest games. Only now are developers doing true multi core multi thread development on the 360.

All this new hardware talk while the games are the most impressive they have ever been doesn't make any sense.

Leaving PS3 out sure is a sign they know they can do a better job on the draw distance than you think.

Chug2642d ago

Not sure what the point would be.

If they're going to port Crysis to consoles, they might as well wait until the next generation.

zootang2642d ago

The original Crysis is one of the best games I've ever played and only just recently might I add. It would be nice to see how it runs on home consoles.

LightofDarkness2642d ago

True, people have this strange idea that Crysis' gameplay sucks despite it's spectacular looks. It's a fantastic game.

HellzAssassin2642d ago

It's because they can't play it. Thus all they can do is hate on it :3
I agree, Crysis is one of my most favourite FPS's this generation.

Moragami2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Hell yes. After playing Crysis 2, I had to go back and play Crysis to compare, and found Crysis to be the superior game by a wide margin. Gameplay was better, graphics were better, story was better. Crysis was a lot of fun then, and now that I can max it out, it's even better.

I'd love to see Crysis on X-box, it would be hilarious to see side by side comparisons. Console fanboys would be beside themselves when they realized just how weak their consoles really are. (Not that they'd ever admit it, seems people have to justify their purchases like they were defending their humanity).

Motion2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Crysis was a good game, but If you haven't played it yet check out the original FarCry. Crysis is the spiritual successor to FarCry, while FarCry 2 was just an abomination to the original. FarCry will go down in my memory as one of the greatest FPS's I've ever played.

Redgehammer2642d ago

Funny, I found FC2 to be a great game, that I sank about 70 hours in.

Motion2642d ago

I played through about half of FC2, and while not a bad game, It should have been a new IP rather than use the FarCry name. It had nothing in common with the first one other than being a FPS.

Fishy Fingers2642d ago

Be a little strange playing them backwards, but it could work, the story would be ok as they're not 'that' connected directly.

Good though, as I think it's the better game due to the sandbox nature. Interesting to see if the change it up a bit, I imagine unless it's heavily gimped it'll look pretty crappy.

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