Arkham City's Penguin is "a nasty piece of work" | GRTV

GR-UK: "As revealed at E3, the Penguin is the newest member of Batman's rogues gallery to join Rocksteady's take on the Dark Knight's world. Speaking to GRTV, the studio's Dax Ginn explains how players should expect the criminal and his gang to bring something new to Arkham City, as well as discussing Catwoman, and how the pressure is on to prove delays are a good thing."

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femshep2484d ago

Penguin is awesome, but this game became a never buy, or rent, or even care about....when they announced cat woman is playable as catwoman

only way ill think about playing is if cat woman is playable for 2 minutes tops, no more....just less

this is a BATMAN game not stupid wannabe stripper prostitute criminal game....if it was nightwing that would be different but catwoman is the worst char. EVER

Ace_Pheonix2484d ago

It depends on how they do catwoman. In the comics she wasn't really intended to be a sex symbol, that's more the cinema take on things. She's supposed to be more like a deeply troubled "cat burglar" than something sexy. We'll have to see how they implement her, I had no expectations for Arkham Asylum and it was amazing. I can't come up with excuses to doubt them now.

femshep2484d ago

well thats what they implied with the showing they did at e3

AA was awesome due to the fact it still followed the overall story ark of the batman comics....there pulling away from that now, and ive always hated cat woman even before the movie

Haze182484d ago

im sure the catwoman gameplay will be amazing i just dont like the character shes such a bitch and i worried it will hinder the story a bit.