David Jaffe: Comfortably Dumb

David Jaffe is not a smart guy. He's making that perfectly clear.

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Prcko2608d ago

80 million dollars for new twisted metal,do i reading right or??? :o

ViserysTargaryen2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

You have got to be kidding me. I hope it's a lot better than the E3 demo, because if not then where the hell did all that money go?

MAJ0R2608d ago

no way it costed 80 million...

CBaoth2608d ago

If you read carefully it only says he learned of an UNIDENTIFIED IP within the industry with an estimated budget of 80 million. My money would be on GTA5 or Bungie's next game; something that huge would have to have the ability to generate massive sales.

OT: Despite Jaffe's pompous persona, it really must feel good to know you contributed some true happiness in the final days of sorrow in a young man's life.

Jdoki2608d ago

He didn't say PS3 Twisted Metal cost 80mill. He said that he's heard there's a game in development that is costing 80mill.

"Or perhaps, after almost two decades in the industry - having recently heard that an unidentified game currently in production is costing $80 million"

I wonder what game it is....

dark-hollow2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

EDIT: oh it looks like he wasnt talking about his game after all.

thereapersson2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )


Or perhaps, after almost two decades in the industry - having recently heard that an unidentified game currently in production is costing $80 million, 100 times the budget of the original Twisted Metal - Jaffe's just given up on his capacity for reason altogether.

"I'm not being hyperbolic when I say $80m," he explains in a frenetic, mile-a-minute patter with which we never quite keep pace. "I'm actually talking about $80m, being made right now. I mean, holy shit! Eighty. Million. Dollars! Apparently, that's where the industry's going. Crazy, right?"

DarkFantasy2608d ago

jaffe hate article ? idk didn't like the article even tho i was intrested in what the mighty jaffe was talking about..i stoped reading half was tho the article got on my nerves seemed the who evere wrote this was pms'ing at the time.

JohnnyMann4202608d ago

Yeah I dunno I think the article was written poorly. Sounds like Jaffe was being humble. The interviewer focused too much on David's humility rather than what really matters. It was just written horribly.

gypsygib2608d ago

The author was trying too hard to hard; the writing was extremely flowery. It became a chore to cut through over-elaborate the writing to get to the actual point or statement.

It was like the author was more concerned with masturbating his intellect then describing the interview.

telekineticmantis2608d ago

I told you these journalists are unpreffessional children. You call them on their nonsense, and they blatantly express their vindication. The sas thing is your a more credible source of reporting for the industry then 99% of these brats, I can feel them in rage as I write this, because they know it's true.

I should start my own website called where gamers can free themselves of the unprofessionalism and hit mongering lazy bums.

Apotheosize2607d ago

WOW looks like the journalists mad for Jaffe calling them out, and what does he do? rant and show how bad Jaffe is lol

what a sad pathetic writer