90° - Join the Battle Against Fruit in Fruit Ninja Kinect!

“Hate fruit?” These two simple words can elicit any response ranging from vehement nodding to double-takes – especially if those words are written on a non-descript wall…with a cartoon sensei urging you towards an alleyway. However, if you give into your curiosity like the young man within the Halfbrick Studios’ Fruit Ninja trailer, you’re definitely in for a treat.

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subtenko2642d ago thanks,i'll stick to my iphone

gamingdroid2642d ago

I'm looking forward to it. I enjoyed Fruit Ninja on smart phones in the past and this sounds like a solid flail game on Kinect. Out of breath might ensue!

Bigpappy2641d ago

All the previews, I have seen so far,have good things to say for the Kinect version. I could easily see a Move version coming soon. May be even wii.