EMEAA Weekly Chart Week Ending 25th Jun 2011

Wii - 69,366 (-9%)
PS3 - 55,959 (-5%)
X360 - 37,245 (-9%)
DS - 36,982 (+4%)
PSP - 30,231 (+2%)
3DS - 24,917 (-32%)
PS2 - 10,905 (-8%)


1 - Wii Zumba Fitness - 70,042
2 - 3DS The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina o... - 49,483
3 - Wii Wii Sports Resort - 48,486
4 - Wii Wii Sports - 44,237
5 - Wii Mario Kart Wii - 40,088
6 - DS Pokémon Black / White Version - 35,432
7 - PS3 inFamous 2 - 28,961
8 - PS3 L.A. Noire - 28,437
9 - Wii Wii Fit Plus - 24,614
10 - PS3 DiRT 3 - 21,058

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The Meerkat2427d ago

What is interesting is that the UK has about 40% of ALL EU 360's

zootang2427d ago

What's interesting is there is no 360 title in the top 10 software chart.

SuperSaiyan42427d ago

What is interesting is that Xbox 360 is in 2nd and PS3 last :-)

MAJ0R2427d ago

could Kinect be the culprit?

fedex6822427d ago

What is more interesting is that people forget the Year head start 360 had....

Kungfue2427d ago

whats more interesting is 8m gap went down to 3m and ps3 still outselling 360 weekly EVEN after 360slim,kinect hype etc...

dark-hollow2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

and the wii kicking the shit out of them both in sales.
there is no point fighting and arguing over who is the second and the third place.

nintendo ,over all the doubts, got it right this gen.

the first game in this chart is from a third party developer

coolfool2427d ago


I'm sure if you looked at the average third part software sales you might say otherwise.

silvacrest2427d ago

actually it was more like a year and a half in europe

@SS4, it must sting seeing the above right? kinect can only go so far

Foxgod2427d ago

Wha people forget is that you should own both consoles and stop being a prick.

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TheKayle2427d ago

yeah the wii win :) the xbox surpass ps3 in wordwide total everything....hardware..softwa re e tie we will end like this ..for this gen is impossible that numbers will going to change this much

silvacrest2427d ago

what are you talking about? got a link to back up those bold claims?

TheKayle2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )


Nintendo Wii (Wii)
42.02 Americas
11.65 Japan
33.82 Emeaa
87.49 TOTAL

Microsoft Xbox 360 (X360)
32.09 Americas
1.51 Japan
20.88 Emeaa
54.48 TOTAL

ony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
20.04 Americas
6.72 Japan
24.42 Emeaa
51.18 TOTAL


Nintendo Wii (Wii)
Worldwide TOTAL 687.20

Microsoft Xbox 360 (X360)
Worldwide TOTAL 506.63

Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Worldwide TOTAL 400.98

Tie Ratio

Microsoft Xbox 360 (X360)
Worldwide 9.30

Nintendo Wii (Wii)
Worldwide 7.85

Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Worldwide 7.83

----------------------------- ---

the year change is this

X360 4,095,029 (-70%) 54,483, 670
units sell this year......on the total

PS3 4,826,339 (-67%) 51,179,5 25

how much something like 700k and something more this year for the ps3? ..ok we should need like 3 years be on par if math is not an opinion but with the new wii coming out ps3 will not increase their sell more than this..can just come down.....and i add i think next year xbox will come out with something new..or at last 1.5 years...........

u got it take your agrees and trash it :)

and for who will disagree lol like they did without read nothing.....r just numbers...accept and go in peace guys ....i hate fUnboys

silvacrest2425d ago

i cant believe you bought out VG chartz as your source for this, do i need to say how wrong their numbers usually are??

i will address the rest of your comments though

"with the new wii coming out ps3 will not increase their sell more than this..can just come down"

that logic is stupid, look at the 3DS for example, did that hamper PSP sales or even DS sales? no its been business as usual

what has increased sales in the past is a price cut and the PS3 should be getting one soon

assuming new hardware will sell well and thus, decreasing the sales of older consoles is a mistake

and just so we are clear, your numbers are fake because its VG Chartz

Darth Stewie2427d ago

What is interesting is people believe VGChartz

stonecold32427d ago

i dont i will wait for the offical results from sony does anyone know if sony is going to be announcing it in the next weeks thanks in advanced

ZombieAssassin2427d ago

Maybe at the Tokyo game show is Sept. besides that it's usually at Stock Holder meetings or every new Quarter they usually announce some.

silvacrest2427d ago

i wont say i believe them but the PS3 and 360 numbers are so vastly different that i think even vgchartz cant have gotten it that wrong

DJMarty2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

@Darth Stewie - No difference too NGP, gullable yanks believe that crap. Even though they don't include sales from two of the largest retailers Wallmart, Amazon.

fabod862427d ago

18000 between ps3 and x360 for a week is relevant...
except USA x360 has lost kinect momentum, we'll see.

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