Puzzle Dimension Review | ZTGD

Michael Futter Writes: Puzzle games are one genre that has lasted through the ages and offers something for everyone whether you’re a casual Bejeweled addict, a hard-core Professor Layton lover or fall somewhere in between.

Puzzle Dimension is one of those titles hovering in the middle of the spectrum with a simple enough premise to be accessible, but with challenging and thought-provoking gameplay for the lifelong puzzle connoisseur. In Puzzle Dimension, you control a ball through 10 clusters of 10 puzzles each. Each cluster introduces one or two more puzzle mechanics starting with crumbling tiles that only allow to pass by once and ramping up quickly to include slippery ice tiles, spike tiles and more. Some of the new traps are redundant, though. For instance, while the fire tiles remain on the board, you can still only pass over them once. They are, functionally, no different than the crumbling tiles.

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