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TPV Writer Jonesy writes: "It has finally come… A real reason to dust off my PS3 and fire it up. The Uncharted 3 Beta is upon us, if you bought a copy of Infamous 2, you’d get a free code for it, or if you’re a PSN+ subscriber. I turned it on and downloaded the beta and counted the seconds away until it had downloaded."

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garos822578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

"a real reason to dust off my ps3 and fire it up"? oh please cut the pretentious crap. dont even want to read the article when you start with shit like that

edit: no i didnt read the article as ive already stated and i dont care if its an opinion or not. i personally dont think this website is a gaming one when it starts off saying something stupid like that. therefore i wont read the rest of the article even if its a "good" ps3 article

curtis3942578d ago

It is not pretentious it is a matter of personal opinion of the writer.

If you actually read the article you will see how impressed this writer is with Uncharted Beta and how it works so well with is added functionality and matchmaking, party system.

This article is not another attack on the PS3 in any way, in fact quite the opposite but if like some N4G users you only want to read the short description that tells hardly anything of the actual article and then form an opinion and comment on that maybe you should actually think a little more.

Commenting on stories without even reading them?

RandomDude6552578d ago

Being pretentious seems to be a prerequisite for being a games journalist, and also hating your job and taking it out on the games and readership.

its why I no longer go to certain game sites.

MachoMoustachio2578d ago

"Dust off my PS3"?

If his PS3 has dust on it then his 360 and Wii are burried in dirt.

curtis3942578d ago

lol, lol, lol! Another PS3 fanboy!?

His 360 gets played all the time and I don't think he has a Wii...

It does not matter whether people play PS3, Xbox or Wii, they are good consoles with some exclusives of their own. Would be nice if people could realise that it does not matter which one people play...

Games are games whatever you play them on.

solidworm2578d ago

Game is awesomness in a can