Dungeon Hunter Alliance Quick Play [HD] (

Giga­Boots con­fronts their most ter­ri­fy­ing quick play to date. How can Dun­geon Hunter Alliance be so sim­i­lar to other hack & slash games out there but not, at any point, be any­thing remotely rec­og­niz­able as fun? How did they do that?! Dark magic says I. Dark magic!

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soljah2572d ago

kind of ashamed to admit it. this game and msa taking up most of my ps3 game time. mostly co op and trophy chasing.
this game is quite addicting but hey alway did love to collect loot n unlock spells

TheDivine2572d ago

Its fun on ipad/iphone but really subpar for a psn game. Only redeeming feature is co-op. Id much rather play deathspank or torchlight on 360.

banjadude2572d ago

Deathspank is also on Ps3, but yes, I'd rather play that and Torchlight over this.

Dungeon Hunter Alliance has many questionable design choices...