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From the creators of EVE Online comes Dust 514, a first person shooter with a new way to connect to MMOs. Blurring the boundries between the games, CCP looks to bring more into their enormous universe. Announced during the Sony Press Conference, Dust 514 is a first person shooter set in the EVE universe. Living in the same vein of gameplay alongside Halo and Call of Duty, Dust 514 will none the less have unique mechanics.

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firemassacre2574d ago

this looks interesting and very deep.

firemassacre2574d ago

hahahahaha good 1! bubbles

Godmars2902574d ago

Actually that's what you wish she said. Instead of just her usual laughing.

Cereal2574d ago

It would've made more sense to say "that's what HE said".

Godmars2902574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Also hoping they can offer boarding actions. Taking or defending a ship from within.

Pity MS wont - hasn't agreed - to let this on the 360: the console wars would have made for an instant and hopefully interesting sub-culture.

Also, everyone knows this is being used as a gateway drug into EVE, right?

Wonder if they're going to have women troops.

ATiElite2574d ago

I think DUST would be better if it was on the 360 but M$ will not budge and let CCP monitor their servers and stuff. Let's face it 360 owners love Teh Shootaz and their community of FPS stays larger longer.

DUST is gonna be one of those games where it's fun to play for a few hours but the glory is in the long haul.

CCP will be bringing this to the PC really soon I Guarantee.

Pintheshadows2574d ago

For once I disagree with you ATI. CCP has made it clear that they wanted this to be a separate audience. They want to create 2 separate communities on different formats and merge them together. A bold undertaking. And one that makes sense. They don't want current EVE players to jump ship. They want to maintain numbers there.

coryok2574d ago

ccp doesnt want to monitor microsofts servers, they want to use their own. they want nothing to do with microsofts servers.

to be connected directly to eve they cant be using different servers, ccp built a supercomputer that houses all the interactions for eve and are planning on using the same cluster to run dust from. microsoft wont let them use their own servers so they're pushed out of microsofts online space.

its also not going to be a retail game - they dont want to charge for it at all. how would microsoft make money from that? they have such a rigid business model that they cant make profit from things like this


EVE have Female Characters available. So, probably there are female characters for this one too.


But it is not on Xbox, so deal with it.

coryok2574d ago

im sure they'll have female characters, they have them in eve

DA_SHREDDER2574d ago

"the goal is to one day have the games merge completely, allowing Dust players to even call in orbital strikes from EVE ships in orbit"

I can't even comprehend that right now. I've seen Eve, and its huge. Unless they port the pc version to the ps4 is that even possible?

Pintheshadows2574d ago

Using EVEgate I don't see why not.


Amazing, another revolutionary MMO. Can't wait for the beta.

Ddouble2574d ago

The dark horse of E3. 2 MMO's on different platforms working directly with each other. I hope this works out well.

I also want to see it's move support and how it would look like on the Vita